Prediction Pick your 3 for 2019 (with free 2014 gift thread)

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May 22, 2011
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Players watching/hoping for a breakout:

- Once fit, healthy and over the newbie hump....this kid is going to be special. Like pull games apart, bring fans in the gate special.

Kennedy - Once fit & healthy, he is going to be an awesome sidekick to Cripps on the inside.

Weitering - I think he will be a KPD superstar in time. Still a kid, breakout not too far away.

Bonus pick (in more ways that one): McKay - Charlie is going to be one of the best players in the comp. If H really makes it, we could have the best forward 1-2 punch in the league. Maybe less make-or-break following the recruitment of McGovern, but feel H is the decider on whether we have an elite forward line or not.

Unintended, but works out to be one fwd, one back, two mids. If these four add to the more established talent, then BOOM! Team is well on the way to #17.
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May 22, 2011
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Unsung heroes version: Every fan wants superstars, but the role players are just as important. You can't afford to play VFL quality players or too many kids in the seniors. Getting the most of the guys who are 15-30 on the list is vital to being competitive. Here are the guys I'll be watching closely this year.

Fasolo - Lots of tall timber down forward, need some crumbing. While Fasolo is not a traditional small-fwd, he is talented and if he gets back to his best he will make us a lot more dynamic down near goals.

Newman - Transition from HB is possibly our greatest weakness. Having Doc back will help greatly, but I think Newman offers plenty as a reliable distributor and link player off HB. Even more important he makes so we can cover Simmo retiring in 4-5 years.

Jones - Pulled some AA form as FB out of nowhere in 2017 before crashing back to earth this year. Lack of defensive continuity hurt him harder than most given he's still somewhat of a newbie defender. If we get consistency down back and Liam is taught to channel his energy and athletic strengths (and reduce mistakes), I still think he can become a superstar FB.

Bonus: Bugg - No superstar, but I think he is better than people give him credit for. Is more than 'break in case of emergency'. Will play a chunk of games as defensive forward with brief stints in the middle. Should provide experience and talent for NB when not in the firsts.


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Aug 27, 2014
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there are no other teams worthy
fmd, some of you people had Kane Lucas in the other thread. I only browsed as got depressing seeing some you had high hopes in.

As for 2019, we got so many players to develop to pick out only 3 I watching is not my football watching experience. I am looking for over 20 players to develop.
If I am forced to pick three for sake of conforming to thread wants I would look towards guys I see other Carlton supporters not counting on but if these guys develop better than most expect we progress probably quicker than some would think. With that said, I think Cuningham getting a further step or two forward in his career would be awesome. He really looks to have some skill sets to compliment areas we already look to be going forward in such as the Curnow and Cripps show. His pace and evasiveness I would love to see used to full effect in the team.

Jarrod Pickett
has serious power in those legs and tank. If he breaks out on wing we will be going places quicker than most expect. He will be hard to stop if he gets fit and confident.

The other one would be Jack Silvagni, he not found his niche role in team but if can take more marks and ease load on Curnow we have a forward line with some real spunk. If Jack gets quite a bit of ball he going to put it to good use in front half. If these three have break out years we actually will improve significantly in 2019. If these three become all they can be, I honestly think in three years time we will have best list in league.

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Nov 3, 2011
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McKay - I am not usually a fan of the beanpole forward types, but have been drawn to the skills and ultimate potential of Harry over the last couple of seasons. His body and head are still work in process, but getting much closer. So clean at ground level with significant peripheral vision to allow those little one percenters. When doing the instinctive he can be spectacular. When the big boy realises just what he is capable of, will be a star of the game.
Edit: Will not be surprised for him to provide some very decisive ruck support as his tank improved. Extra height and reach with the instinct to look for best roving target.

Kennedy - Bam Bam is never going to get the hype of Dow and co. He is not your spectacular breakaway type, but that tough, committed workhorse prepared to put it on the line for the sake of the team. Again one percenters are his game. Happy to block, shepherd, decoy run etc to create opportunities for his team mates. Such an important cog going forward. Has just enough class for the occasional highlight, but you will see him put his whole body on the line more often than not, rather than sticking out an arm for the occasional "miraculous" highlight.

Williamson - Ball retention has been a flaw in our make up in recent times. This young man with his raking left boot rebounding, kicking out, or entering 50, depending on his allocated role is going to be crucial on improving out ball retention stats. Tough, committed mix of defender, ball winner and link man, what is there not to get excited about.

O'Brien - similar to Willo, brings that work rate and elite disposal to the side. We will see him on a wing for a decade or more. Showed the doubters last year, that any question on his commitment and hardness was purely a myth.

Sorry, not sure of his trajectory after the ACL, but
Setterfield - will be a star of the game. Class in a big body, inside, outside, good overhead, I suspect could fit in anywhere on the park.

Like Soapy V I find it hard to limit numbers, we have a great bunch of kids, maturing players, and a couple of veterans who will benefit from the addition of class and commitment to the ranks. The increased depth, combined with likely improvement in fitness and injury management with the addition of Russell should see us rotating players through the team, rather than last man standing selections.


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Mar 13, 2008
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1. Marchbank - Plays most of the season and is a great third man up and controlling the backline with his intercept marking skills.
2. Setterfield - Justifies his high rating by the Blues in his draft year. Is a great combination with Cripps on the inside and allows Cripps to rest forward more than last year.
3. Murphy - No longer required to play in the midfield, has a wonderful time organising our forward line.

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Jan 31, 2007
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Macreadie - nice peg, great recovery, a bit of big man dash, get him on the park and look out.

O’Brien - seems to fly under the radar. Reckon he started to get a feel for it by season’s end.

SPS - suspect Russell might be just what SPS has been looking for to take the next step.

EDIT: And Fisher to go to another level too.


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Feb 5, 2008
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cranky crikeys

1. Murphy
2. Menzel
3. Yazz

Oh well.

1. Fisher
2. Charlie
3. Dow
What a sad state of affairs. I knew his dazed and confused declaration as a born again was a ruse.
Now we see some car jacking and attempting to disarm a police officer of his gun and taser?!
There's no good ending here. Dang it Yazz, you were one of my faves there for a time.
All the best champ.

anywho... looking forward to
1. Dow
2. Doc
3. LOB.
4. Gov (trying to keep a lid on here. His potential is huge)

Slightly worried for..

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Oct 15, 2008
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Give us the 3 players you will be closely watching or hoping the best for in 2019 and why. Call it breakout, realized potential, turned the corner, baby jet, last piece of the puzzle, whatever you like. Mine go something like this:
OK. Firstly, there isn't a player I wouldn't want to improve, against where they were this year.
The players I'd watch closest, are the players I haven't a handle on and they'd be:

1. Cuningham - If you highlighted his best attributes, you'd say he's exactly what we need, yet to date his somewhat of an enigma to me.
We know we won't see 30 possession games, but if all falls into place, he could be a real asset coming off the wing and playing HFF.

2. Setterfield - Loved him and the possibilities around him in his draft year, yet injury has held him back.
Always a caveat attached but 'if' he gets his body right, he could be a wonderful complement to not only Cripps, but for the squad as a whole.
Has the skills to extract, make the play and kick goals. Who wouldn't like that?

3. Williamson - I feel we've all added just a little mayo onto what he was prior to injury and what he may become when back in full fitness.
He does have the tools to become a beauty, but a long way to go just to get back to where he was. Still, one that's hard to keep your eyes off.

Players SPS & Weitering simply have to produce what they're capable of. No more excuses.


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Oct 23, 2003
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This is difficult !

Ok here goes:

W Setterfield - It's the unknown with Will that I find so alluring. His ceiling is through the roof. A guy that was rated by both us and Dodoro as the number 1 pick of the 2016 draft - well he has 2 additional years in the system now since then and we got him at a bargain basement price. Could prove to be one of the all time greatest trades. At 191cm he is a superb size and a hybrid inside outside type that can equally assist Cripps/Kennedy/E Curnow inside but also Murph/Dow/SPS on the outside (I think Fisher is another 'hybrid' type albeit shorter). His run and carry and his delivery is his real weapon. I love that he asked for the number 43 too.

A Fasolo - I could be in the minority here but I LOVE what this guy brings to the table and how it has been set up. He will be playing with a chip on his shoulder and out there to prove people wrong. Shoulder chips are usually good things in football. I think the Fas will want to show the football world that he demands respect all over again - he is smart and an opportunist who can feed off the bigger forwards. I think he just has to buy into a team first ethos i.e. selflessness and doing the defensive work when needed, that will be his challenge. I can see him scoring 30+ goals and having 20+ goal assists, IMO that would be a HUGE season.

H McKay - This kid can play! He has all the tools and sooner or later it is just going to click! Still an element of him growing into his body and understanding his body. Let the opposition worry about C Curnow and McGovern, because if this guy is taking a 3rd banana defender , his blend of height , reach , marking ability, leading patterns, agility, smarts and ground ball skills will be too much to handle more often than not.

S Docherty - just such a professional - IMO his willingness to get into the the thick of the coaching caper while he sat out 2018 speaks volumes about his want and desire for the club to succeed. One of our few rolled gold AAs. I know that expectations should be tempered coming back off a knee reco but his on-field presence will be HUGE - best leader we have out there on the park (including Cripps but Cripps is more of a jump on my back and follow me type guy), can organise the boys tactically better than anyone IMO and understands the strategic nuances of the game - he is a thinker!

(Having said all the above Zac Fisher is my fave blue bagger and he will take his game to another level - little pocket rocket!)

Maybe I too will look like an idiot when thylacine60 resurrects this thread in 2022 - hopefully not!


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Jan 22, 2015
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You didn't want it - now here it is.

Give us the 3 players you will be closely watching or hoping the best for in 2019 and why. Call it breakout, realized potential, turned the corner, baby jet, last piece of the puzzle, whatever you like. Mine go something like this:

1. Murphy - never his biggest fan but quietly think this could be his best year since 2010 causing mayhem up forward.
2. Willo - if he's back (hee hee) in business he may just be back in business - the left boot, the agro, the dash.
3. Dow - this bloke.......

**** it I need a 4th.......

4. Crazy Harry Macreadie - long, lean, footy machine - looks like an unmade bed but goes good.

So give us 4.

Added bonus - here's the 2014 thread by the same name. Look at your embarrassingly puny efforts.
The Saddler
Roger Federer aka the LOB
Ralph the forgotten Sandshoe



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Sep 11, 2016
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Will be watching many players closely this season as there are many unknowns, especially with so many young players. Top 5 that intrigue me however:

Williamson- So much potential and could really be a solid player over a long time for us if he gets his body and confidence right. The natural heir to Simmo who I hope keeps playing forever.

Setterfield- As a new recruit the pressure will be on to perform which is slightly unfair for a guy who has played only a few AFL games, 20 years old and coming off an ACL. In saying that he has impressed everyone who has seen him play at GWS and in the TAC cup. His performance over the remainder his career (not just 2019) will have a huge impact on our midfield and will be a bit of barometer of our GWS "experiment" fairly or unfairly.

Fisher- Was a big fan in his draft year and stoked that we landed him. Impressed the AFL with his speed and skills last year, if he can improve on that he could be our version of an Isaac Smith who is quite underrated IMO.

Weitering- I have the utmost faith that this guy will prove to be a star in time. He has unfairly copped criticism that comes with being a number 1 pick. He will have a break-out year soon, it's more a matter of "when" rather than "if". A confidence player if I have ever seen one.

Dow- This guy will be a star. "How good" is the question. I'm not expecting him to take the competition by storm next year at the age of 19 but I think he has unlimited potential moving forward.

Others: Walsh, Stocker, O'Brien, McGovern, Fasolo, Pickett, Kennedy, De Koning


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Sep 24, 2015
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Weitering: Only turned 21 just over a week ago, people forget how impressive his first year was for a KPP. He will be a key player for us for many years to come.

Doc: We missed him badly last year. With plenty of time to get over his injury I think he’ll hit the ground running. I can’t wait to see him back in action, he’s an extremely important leader for us.

SPS: it was great to see him start preseason early. He’s a joy to watch and if his fitness can improve this preseason he will create big problems for the opposition. He is a supremely talented playmaker.

And for good measure I’ll add in Fisher. Was a shining light for us this year before injury, he is tough, has slick skills and is composed with ball in hand. His improvement has been rapid and I think he still has a lot of upside left in him.


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Sep 8, 2018
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It’s tempting to put pressure on guys like Setters but my experience is to wait 18 months before expecting much from a knee reco victim.

I think Fisher HAD his breakout year so he doesn’t qualify.

I’d LIKE to see SPS get there it I don’t hope as much about him as others.

So in thinking it through.....

1. Weiters. Just saw glimpses of it at the end of last year. A bit more competitiveness. His first step will never be great but if he can find some more zest for the contest he will lift. His time is now.
2. Cuningham/Polson. Cheating I know but I don’t care which of them- we need one. We need a ‘Richmond Style’ pressure forward. At least one.
3. McKay. Really showed a lot last year. We need him to turn ‘showing a lot’ to being more CC style consistency. Play most games. Kick goals regularly. Compete in the air all the time. Hold his feet in the marking contest.
4. LOB. I’m watching him closely. I take great pride in calling for ‘Simmo to the backline’ year’s before it occurred. LOB is his long term replacement. He’s better over head than I realised in a one on one - can bring it to ground.
This attribute makes you a safer defender. His run and kicking will become an offensive threat over time. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in something of a three man rotation with Doch and Simmo as a defensive wing/
Half back.


Aug 12, 2012
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You didn't want it - now here it is.

Give us the 3 players you will be closely watching or hoping the best for in 2019 and why. Call it breakout, realized potential, turned the corner, baby jet, last piece of the puzzle, whatever you like. Mine go something like this:

1. Murphy - never his biggest fan but quietly think this could be his best year since 2010 causing mayhem up forward.
2. Willo - if he's back (hee hee) in business he may just be back in business - the left boot, the agro, the dash.
3. Dow - this bloke.......

**** it I need a 4th.......

4. Crazy Harry Macreadie - long, lean, footy machine - looks like an unmade bed but goes good.

So give us 4.

Added bonus - here's the 2014 thread by the same name. Look at your embarrassingly puny efforts.
LOL that's the best opening line to a post I've seen. And applies so much to modern life in general to be honest... But that's another topic.

1. Stocker. I am super impressed by this guy as a person - I don't think a new player has ever made a better first impression for me, and it would seem he has some genuine skills to look forward to. Next season probably isn't one we see him shine but I'm going to be watching a lot of NBs just to see his development.

2. Weitering. His last season was one he will want to forget, but there was plenty to learn from it so I hope he doesn't. I want to see that late-season form of 2018 be a launchpad for a fantastic 2019 where he really stamps himself as a high quality defender. I think his output is critical to our future success along with the other young tall defenders; think Silvagni, Sexton, McKay and Dean. That's this mob if they can keep improving, and I think Weiters is key.

3. Fisher. My crystal ball says there will be a fish explosion in 2019. He is exciting, tenacious and loves to kick a goal. I can't wait to see if the development in his body and fitness turns into some A-grade footballing ability. We need that live-wire style in our midfield to compliment the big bodies and extractors like Cripps, Kennedy and (later) Setterfield. Fisher, Dow and SPS are those guys, but I love seeing Fisher go at it most of all.

Bonus round
4. Docherty. I love him. Hoping for a successful return to AFL after an injury that really deflated so many of us supporters before 2018 started. Welcome back captain, my captain!

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