Prediction Pick your 3 for 2019 (with free 2014 gift thread)

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Apr 28, 2011
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Gov - if he steps up it will be very hard for opposition to man Curnow, Big H & Gov
Setterfield - taking a good step this year but if he takes it to the next level our midfield will be very strong
Doc - the missing x factor & run out of the back line. Lets hope for no more knee or related injsuries


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Aug 27, 2014
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there are no other teams worthy
You didn't want it - now here it is.

Give us the 3 players you will be closely watching or hoping the best for in 2019 and why. Call it breakout, realized potential, turned the corner, baby jet, last piece of the puzzle, whatever you like. Mine go something like this:

1. Murphy - never his biggest fan but quietly think this could be his best year since 2010 causing mayhem up forward.
2. Willo - if he's back (hee hee) in business he may just be back in business - the left boot, the agro, the dash.
3. Dow - this bloke.......

fu** it I need a 4th.......

4. Crazy Harry Macreadie - long, lean, footy machine - looks like an unmade bed but goes good.

So give us 4.

Added bonus - here's the 2014 thread by the same name. Look at your embarrassingly puny efforts.
fmd, some of you people had Kane Lucas in the other thread. I only browsed as got depressing seeing some you had high hopes in.

As for 2019, we got so many players to develop to pick out only 3 I watching is not my football watching experience. I am looking for over 20 players to develop.
If I am forced to pick three for sake of conforming to thread wants I would look towards guys I see other Carlton supporters not counting on but if these guys develop better than most expect we progress probably quicker than some would think. With that said, I think Cuningham getting a further step or two forward in his career would be awesome. He really looks to have some skill sets to compliment areas we already look to be going forward in such as the Curnow and Cripps show. His pace and evasiveness I would love to see used to full effect in the team.

Jarrod Pickett has serious power in those legs and tank. If he breaks out on wing we will be going places quicker than most expect. He will be hard to stop if he gets fit and confident.

The other one would be Jack Silvagni, he not found his niche role in team but if can take more marks and ease load on Curnow we have a forward line with some real spunk. If Jack gets quite a bit of ball he going to put it to good use in front half. If these three have break out years we actually will improve significantly in 2019. If these three become all they can be, I honestly think in three years time we will have best list in league.
Like the season itself, not lived up to my hopes. Cuningham been the real tease as he showed everything I talking and hoping for in his few games but he been out injured more than in so we have not been able to rise as quickly as I would hope.

Pickett just really hurts as he is no longer with the club and it seems no luck with his body and mentally he found it all too hard to keep following his dream to be all he can be. Hurts doubly so for mine because Byrne retired late last year to go back to Ireland and both I hoped would be premiership players.
I fear in two years time he turns up picked up by Dockers or Eagles as a supplemental selection type pick and eventually makes it.

Jack is only one of the three that had a season close to how I hoped for but for me it has been frustrating fearing the more experienced McGovern up forward would make it hard to play both in same team as front half would start to get too tall. That concern still exists as McGov still an enigma for me with x-factor talent but not enough impact for player of his age. Jack has fought on and made it near impossible to leave out now from the 22 each week. His football smarts and competing standards sets the bar for others in front half for younger group.

I expected more wins this season, club did too, Bolton paid for our expectations not being realised but thankfully the development of overall youth is back on track and Cuningham is symbolic of how I looked forward to what I might see in this season and saw bits and pieces that excited me we can get to where I hoped and with a bit more luck my hope of making finals in 2020 and being a genuine flag contender in 2021 is not out of reach.

Getting Conigs as a free agent after losing Pickett for nothing is my great hope this off season to get our list one step closer to where I want.


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Nov 22, 2015
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Players that will make a difference ...

SPS to show us his class and what he can do with a full pre-season. Rarely got tackled in 2017.

Pickett has the speed and just has to really want it.

Williamson to provide run off the half back line defense and hardness.

Sneaky fourth ... O’Brien. Has all the traits, has to come together. If he cements his spot in the 22 ahead of a few, we are going ok.
From 30 Nov 2018.
Well Pickett was a bust. Williamson injured.

Happy with SPS, O’Brien, Walsh and McKay.
Cuningham, Stocker, Fisher and Setterfield for 2020.

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