MRP / Trib. Pickett elbow on Soligo

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Sep 25, 2013
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How many weeks for Kosi? Seems he hasn’t learnt his lesson after last years late hit on Smith.

2-3 for me.
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He’ll somehow only get 1 week, not learn his lesson and then go jumping into someone else’s head again later this season. Very clear he wants to hurt players and doesn’t care about the rules. He will seriously hurt someone at some point in his career
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There's a pretty clear move of the elbow so he catches Soligo in the jaw. If he had tucked then it's more likely that he wouldn't have connected.
Exactly the same thing Max King got suspended for last week.

As a result, Kosi will probably get off.

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The MRO needs to refer this hit directly to the Tribunal because it will only get 1 week. The only way Pickett will change is if the Tribunal gives him 6 weeks.

Think he will obviously get a week. But after the Cripps hit in the final and the Bailey Smith bump as well, its just a matter of time til he does hurt someone and get 7-8 weeks.
A week at most. More likely he'll get off with some mysterious adjudication. Some guys are just protected.

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