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Now's your chance to refresh your Pieman team. The midyear trade period runs until the start of our next match - against Carlton in Round 13.

The basics of it are:
  • Trades are done by nominating the player(s) - OUT and IN - in this thread, before the start of our Round 13 match.
  • If you change your mind you can change your trades with a new post (not an edited post!) right up to the closing time for trades.
  • You can trade out as many players as you want and replace them with new ones.
  • Trading is not compulsory - you don't have to change anyone if you're happy with your team.
  • The players you bring in will have the "T1" handicap value shown in the table below.
  • You keep the pre-season handicap for any players that you retain. Players are only subject to the T1 handicap if you bring them into your team mid-season.
  • You can trade out a player and trade him back in if you want. You'd normally do this if his T1 handicap is better than his pre-season handicap.
  • All your team's scores accumulated up to Rd 11 based on the pre-season handicaps remain unchanged.
  • You must end up with six players - i.e. you must drop a player for every player you bring in.
Here are the trade period handicaps:
EDIT: Table updated to show PS handicaps as well.
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