Competitions Pieman Rd 17 v Hawthorn 3:35pm Sun 13 Sept (Adelaide Oval)

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Jun 17, 2009
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PIEMAN RESULTS Rd 17 v Hawthorn

That was a handsome win. Never really in doubt despite a few Nervous Nellies at the start of the final quarter.
We kicked 11 goals and a few came from less fashionable players so it makes for some interesting scores this week.

Pieman Player of the Week

In 140 games before today JJ had kicked multiple goals on only six occasions. Today was the seventh and it earned him the PPotW ahead of another bloke who seldom kicks multiples, Tim English (only the third time he's done it in 45 games).


Pieman Player of the Year

JJ and Timmy move up to 4th and 5th respectively. Not much else changed. Vandermeer a shoo-in.



Last week the top four in the Kelvin had Wallis as their banker. A lot of people chose Wallis again this week hoping history would repeat. It didn't. The best of the Wallyphiles finished equal 12th on 92 points. Instead it was the brave souls who chose JJ and English who finished nearer the top. Oh and the irrepressible Charlie Bucket who took Naughton with his final banker for the H&A season.

Anyway the spoils went to Doggies_13 who cleaned up with Jason Johannisen, finishing nearly 50 points clear of Mr Bucket.

Sadly nobody has Daniel in their team.



It's definitely starting to look like Charlie Bucket is doing a victory lap or two as the season reaches its conclusion. 339 points clear of Wocka with one round plus finals to go.


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