Autopsy Pies win one for the ages!!

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May 16, 2016
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Nope, only when Darling had that shot up forward. I was expecting him to angle a kick in to a player just out of camera standing all on his own. We seem to allow that s**t a lot. Not today, Satan.
Happened 4 times with Jarrod Cameron. Pretty sure every one of his 4 goals was a sideways kick with him standing alone with nobody within 20 metres of him about 30m out from goal


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Apr 4, 2009
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Yeah, Crocker didn't have a great game, but he kicked an important point. The kid has got heart - what he is doing to look after his dad who has dementia is very special - and I hope that whatever happens to his career from here, he will always be able to remember and savour the win tonight.
Look I love the bloke but I’m sorry he’s not up to it, I reckon he was involved with at lest 6 turnovers tonight


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Apr 5, 2014
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Copped sh!t off the bloke at the petrol station this morning when he saw my pies sticker, think I’m gunna have to go back tomorrow to get another litre and shove it up his f#cken WCE arse!
A litre of fuel?
I'd go in and buy one of those Kit Kats they sell on special that has 4 days left of it's expiry and ask him to change a $50

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Apr 13, 2001
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I don't think Crocker is AFL standard let me get that out of the way first but I think he got unlucky with some hospital handballs coming his way and subsequently some kind of tough holding the ball calls especially the one where he was deemed to have prior opportunity in the nano second he gathered the ball in the air and it probably rocked his confidence.

Buckley/list management team made the call on his AFL suitability by not delisting him. He's not there as a project player, if he's ready he has to be ready now. You can't have a mature body-wise player playing well in the VFL without reward when a spot opens up for him, he's not there for VFL depth. So I have no qualms about the selection, there's no AFL form this year to point to prior to this game.


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Sep 29, 2014
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That's the Collingwood we know and favourite win of the last couple of years aside from the Richmond demolition.

We battered them into submission with grit and pressure despite there being plenty to improve on and quite a few passengers out there - which is understandable given our list situation. Pendlebury, Checkers, Crispy, Maynard, Grundy, JDG etc.....all massive and a big step forward for Coxy. It would've been nice to see a lead or two rather than bomb to the hot spot but it worked so can't complain.

And what do you know - we ditched the over possession game and all of a sudden our skills looked better playing on banana peel.

This could be a super important win. Fingers crossed we haven't added Moore and Pendles to the list.

Oh..........and are we out of Gatorade??


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Jun 6, 2016
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Shout to Brown if anyone hasn't does so yet.

Here are the stats if anyone hasn't done so yet


It's clear we won contested possession - that's how we won the game and that's how we got the I50 win as well. Make no mistake we must stick with the pressure game. It's evident we should've won by more such was the dominance around the ball particularly in the last qtr.


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Sep 12, 2015
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Should we start a thread on all the so called Pies fans on this forum that wrote all of players and coach off last week. Easy to find them if we look back. Some of the comments were disgusting. Yes, we were all disappointed. Yes it’s fine to say so. But we gotta get behind our club and back them in to turn it around.
I went to the match tonight with my girlfriend who’s an Eagles member. She’s not talking to me tonight, no love for me coming my way. But I don’t care. Tonight was EPIC. The Eagles offended in the air was palpable. It was awesome. Well done to our players, well done to Bucks and our coaching department. Great job. GO PIES.


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Mar 31, 2017
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Maynard toweled Darling in second half

Noble to Cameron goalless

Crisp more midfield thanks to IQ & noble

Degoey degoey degoey what a star

Cox played back into form somehow

Checkers is arguably most important imo

Roughead unheralded tonight, Kennedy goalless?

Aish was way more atacking and it worked

Browns hard and 1%ers go unnoticed (degoeys last goal came from brown smother)

Sidey best game In A long time

Pendles all class, no point mentioning

Maynes role on burn was a master stroke

I thought Grundy was being well beaten to half time, but boy did he monster that home, immense performance

Sour notes:

Sier bad bad bad

Elliot just can’t get into it at all

WHE if he didn’t go onto Allen would be unsighted, but he did and was beaten soundly, my fave bloke but jeez not good night for him, edit * a few good marks just miss 2018 WHE 😢

CROCKER WON US THE GAME.... yeh Mabey but if he ever plays afl again we’re fools, if degoey wants him on the list then keep him on it but no more seniors

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