Autopsy Pies win one for the ages!!

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The Royal Sampler

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Nov 26, 2006
Hooray For Science, Woo!
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Did anyone crapppp their pants when the ball went forward to Crocker and Jetta with 20 seconds to go... I had flashbacks to the 2nd quarter.... he finally had common sense and held onto the ball. Thank the lord.
Nope, only when Darling had that shot up forward. I was expecting him to angle a kick in to a player just out of camera standing all on his own. We seem to allow that sh*t a lot. Not today, Satan.

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Premiership Player
Sep 30, 2013
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Nope, only when Darling had that shot up forward. I was expecting him to angle a kick in to a player just out of camera standing all on his own. We seem to allow that s**t a lot. Not today, Satan.
Or, pull a goal out of his arse from the boundary line on the 50 arc in red time to win it. That also happens to us a lot but as you said, NOT TODAY.


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Sep 29, 2014
The 22
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Fantastic fantastic win and the players deserve to enjoy themselves this weekend (not so much we read about it Monday morning) but we must harness this now and make it the baseline of performance we judge ourselves on and look to build upon for the remainder of the season.


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Sep 27, 2005
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No Dave you’re wrong...........he has all the attributes of a Premiership player IMO.
Yep exactly. Mayne is a perfect cog in any successful team. A lazy 16 or so tackles in a granny highlights how deserving he is. Not to mention how much he bleeds for the club in his short tenure. More then half that time has been surrounded with what a poor pickup he was (including the whole bucks not being keen on the deal etc.)

I'd be lying if I said I was anything but a firm no for the recruitment of Mayne, but he would be as deserving of any player on our list to get a premiership medallion

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 3, 2013
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A win for the ages.

The first time we've beaten West Coast in Perth since 2009, and the second time we've beaten them by a point over there (did it in 1992 as well).

Felt very underwhelmed by our prospects all week, as last week was a massive let down but I always lived in hope we could cause an upset as the match was closely approaching.

I never really contemplated us pulling off a miracle win so I'm in shock by how we did it despite losing Moore and having wounded players in Aish and Pendlebury play through the last quarter.

Even if we had fallen short, I would have been happy with the effort as it was a step up from previous weeks. The most satisfying part of the win was the way we dominated them in the final quarter.

In the end, we deserved to beat them by more. Reducing the Eagles to only 2.1.13 in the second half was a great achievement by the defenders. On the other hand, we scored 3.9.27 so the dominance was evident but not translated on the scoreboard.

I was fearful we were going to lose at the end after dominating forward 50 entries in the final quarter but we couldn't convert it on the scoreboard. I don't know the precise tackle numbers in the final quarter, but our pressure was ferocious and relentless.

Great performance by Mihocek. His set shot kicking was reminiscent of last year. De Goey looked comfortable through the middle, and Sidebottom played his best game in a long time. Most of the boys improved tonight. I don't think Crocker's going to make it though.

Fair to say this is our best win of the year, and the best since the Prelim. I hope it can be a launching pad for the way we approach the final third of the home and away season.

To show heart tonight was comforting for most supporters. Going to enjoy the weekend now.

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