Competition Pimp My Preseason: Week 17 - West Coast Eagles

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The City Has Heart 🔴⚪🔴⚪🔵
Aug 4, 2012
South Nunya Biz M8
AFL Club
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2 weeks to go before the big reveal!
Mad props to those playing around with the honour roll in PS


Each club will get a special pre-season jumper inspired by 90's designs when the footy world transitioned from wool to polyester
Cast your mind back 25 years and envision all 18 clubs sporting a new jumper with that intoxicating 90's vibe
Rewrite history, create something worth cult status, Barcode 2.0 perhaps, it's in your hands!
Comp will run for a week, Poll will run for 3 days, teams will be done in alphabetical order


RULES - Edited 30/1/22
  1. An entry can consist of just the front of a jumper
    1. Back of jumper, shorts and socks are optional
  2. You cannot copy any past/present designs from the current AFL clubs
    1. Taking and changing elements are allowed
      1. If you are stumped for ideas, you may create your own edit on an existing jumper
  3. You may use any club logos past and present if you’d like to feature them on your jumper
    1. They can be edited in any way as well, eg. Using just the anchor from Fremantle’s logo, just the GC from Gold Coast’s etc. Whatever you like!
    2. In addition, you may use past/present sponsors, manufacturers and the 90's AFL logo if you like
  4. Your design may consist of any colours, even if they’re not commonly used by the club you’re designing for
    1. Your design may clash with the clubs’ other jumpers
  5. Maximum 2 Entries
  6. Don’t forget that 90’s vibe check!
  7. Any other questions, please ask

Past Results:

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Nickimus Rex

Club Legend
Mar 30, 2014
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
Dolphins, Seattle Kraken
This is great and all, lads, but you're missing some pretty serious ochres.

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