Planned Outage - 18th to 19th


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NOTE: Feedback and bugs for the newly upgraded software must go here:


Once again we need to upgrade the forum software.

Our test runs show this will take around 12 hours, so we plan to shut down the site on Tuesday night. We should be back up by mid-day Wednesday.

Down: approx 11PM Tuesday.
Up: approx 11AM Wednesday.

Comparing this to the upgrade we did in January from version 1.5 to 2.0:

* 1.5 to 2.0 was like carting away the MCG and replacing it with a new one rebuilt from the ground up.
* On Tuesday night we are moving from version 2.0 to 2.1, which is like re-laying the turf on the playing surface.

New things in forum software version 2.1:

Content Bookmarks - Bookmark a post or thread - include a note and tags to help you sort your bookmarks.

Post Sharing - Share a post on social media, with an easy two-click feature.

URL unfurling - Just a preview of URLs you link to.

Emoji changes:
A new picker that includes "recently used" emojis at the top.
Back end emoji management for Admin to play with.

Video uploads! Upload your videos from your phone.

Reactions: Not just LIKES any more.

Push Notifications: You can opt to get notifications of convos and watched thread posts.

And much more (lots of boring back end stuff).

Moving to version 2.1 means we can put in a couple of other new features that we've been holding off on.

Also, many add-on writers are no longer supporting their version 2.0 add-ons so a few problems with existing features should be cleared up by going to version 2.1.
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Does this have anything to do with the errors today asking me to log in with an external pop up box when I try to access the site on occasions?
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