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Aug 17, 2015
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St Kilda
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Philadelphia Eagles Liverpool
It's about time we got the player advocate program up and running for 2020. This will run in a similar form to the last couple of years. We'll field interest and once we have enough posters (45 or so - happy to extend this to the Category B rookies and international scholarship holders if there is enough interest) we'll run a draft with a completely randomised order, apart from the top spot which will be decided by the moderators as a reward for doing the best job in 2019.

The job of an advocate is essentially to 'look after' a certain player and player thread for the 2020 season, whether that be posting articles, stats, game reviews, highlight videos or just general musings! The players board can be a bit dull at times so it's a good idea to try and get some discussion happening. We understand not everyone has time to post weekly reviews and every single article that mentions their advocates name but there is some expectation to make an effort - after all it is likely that some people will miss out on being in the draft. But with a number of advocates failing to make a single post in their chosen players thread in 2019, we're going to have a little higher expectations of advocates this year.

If all goes to plan we will run the draft this Thursday or Friday night. Final list lodgement is due tomorrow at 2pm for all clubs, so it works out well.

As always, if there are any suggestions, criticisms or questions about how we run this and any way we could improve it please let us know.

Obviously if you would like to participate for this upcoming season, just leave a post in this thread.


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