Player Ratings 2020

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Apr 8, 2007
Teenage Mountain
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A personal project that I thought I'd share that's absolutely in it's infancy, but if you stick with me, I'll build on it and eventually have it spreadsheeted.

Essentially I wanted a ratings map of players development throughout a season (and beyond) that was mostly related on statistics, but blended with the eye test from a Fremantle fan's perspective to be forgiving/punished of circumstances. My ratings are intended to help defensive & pressure players and punish ineffective & wasteful disposals. For example... with defenders I will weight heavily on intercepts, 1%'ers and effective disposals, for small forwards I'll weight more on tackles, scoring shots/accuracy, goal assists and be less strict on turnovers.

This is very much a work in progress and very much my own opinion, but I'm more than happy to have you input on tweaks and your own personal scores/opinions. I'm very much expecting a different method of weighting by round 17 than how I've done it so far.

To keep it simple, I'll be scoring out of 10 and eliminating games where a player is injured (unless it's late in a game, so Sturt/Fyfe/Darcy no score). I will endeavour to post my scores for each game, but for now I'll just post my average rating for the first four games, with a minimum of two games played.

Fyfe: 8.20
Walters: 7.50
Tucker: 6.00
Cox: 5.50
Bewely: 5.25
Aish: 5.00
Mundy: 5.00
Taberner: 4.90
Young: 4.85
Cerra: 4.75
Brayshaw: 4.50
Conca: 4.4
Duman: 4.25
Hughes: 4.15
Ryan: 4.15
Lobb: 3.88
Logue: 3.75
Colyer: 3.25
Banfield: 3.00
Hogan: 3.00
Wilson: 3.00
Shultz: 2.00
Matera: 1.70

Scores for individual games

Sturt: 7.00
Hill: 4.50
McCarthy 4:00
Serong: 3.75
Darcy: 3.50
Crowden: 3.00

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