Player Sponsor Event - Tuesday 18 May 6:00pm @ MCG

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Apr 14, 2010
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The first Player-Sponsor event has been announced by HFC for 2021 ! After a year of Zoom chat and online events last year, I'm happy to announce the event will be at the MCG on Tuesday 18th May from 6:00pm to 8:00-8:30pm. Player-Sponsors shall be given a tour of the venue by our sponsored players !

Given the venue and time, I'm putting details out here now. I'll draw lots of four Player-Sponsors who can either RSVP or decline, and this process shall continue daily until we have four attendees. This is first in, best dressed. Also, I'm hoping this couple of week's notice will encourage those not in Melbourne to attend. It's a great opportunity !

I've been asked about +1 tickets and great news... they are available for this event. Prices are $120 for adults or $90 for children.

I'll be drawing the first four Player-Sponsors shortly. If you can attend, please PM me your name, contact number, and any special dietary requirements. There must be free food :)
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Oct 18, 2003
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Good night...first they took us on to the MCG to have shots on goal!

never mind mouldeds or screw-ins; I had skate shoes...skate shoes plus dewy grass = complete uncoordination for yours truly. But Cryptor smashed it. Lotus got a few as well. J Shuttleworth was in the yellow tent on crutches

Then we got the tour of the bowels of the G, coaches boxes included. The new sports museum, where we checked it out together

The guys were all great hosts, we spent a lot of time with Punky, Cousins, Dylan Moore and Connor Downie...we actually had a lot of opportunity to talk to them all, not just our two. They were very open on most topics; we mostly avoided specifics of our season so far.

Drinkies and munchies to end the evening.

They are great ambassadors; I'm sure this night was a pain in the ass for them, but they were genuine, open, and gracious at all times.

PS Apparently,Stephen Gilham, our corporate guide, and an over zealous security guard had a funny moment of beef in one of the other small groups during the tour, which got tense...but Cryptor can tell you more.
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Aug 6, 2016
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Best player sponsor event so far 🥰.

They split us into 3 groups for 3 activities. We are group 1 which included Cousins and Downie + Dylan Moore and Luke Breust.

First getting to the ground, getting a goal kicking session with Connor Downie 😬. Then we went to the interchange benches before heading towards the change room.

No airflow in the change room plus the storng smell of chlorine makes it slightly dificult to explore, so spending more times with Stephen Gilham and just take lots of photos.

Then we went to the coaches boxes, even Breust admit he never been to coaches box before. Then he explain how on the game day he got the previous play and direct feedback from the line coaches.

Then we went to the sports museum, have snacks and drinks and also mingle with players.

Would love to post photos, but get error message saying file is too large, so need to edit, or perhaps getting my premium account back 😉 then edit this post.

Ps: I still have the signed guernsey with me. Can't wait to send it to the winner.

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