Players that became well known/famous from one play or game


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May 23, 2016
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West Coast
*to most people who at least follow football casually.

Seeing Zaharakis still reminds me of the last minute goal he kicked to win on Anzac Day. Sure, he did a lot more, but for many he's associated with that moment.

Of course there's Nick Davis' four last quarter goals in the 2005 QF against Geelong to bring the Swans back from the dead.

Stewie Dew in the 2008 GF.

Jesaulenko of course had a great career but he's associated by many with his leap in the 1970 GF, as iconic as any moment.

Buckenara likewise but I tend to associate him with that kick in the PF against the Hawks.

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Mar 20, 2017
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Ted Hopkins. 29 total games . Comes on at half time in a grand final in his 28th game (pre-interchange days) and turns a grand final. Kicked 10 goals in his career including 4 in the second half of the 1970 grand final in the biggest comeback in grand final history in front of 121,000 people. Only plays one more game before retiring.
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