Players that became well known/famous from one play or game

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Oct 9, 2018
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Doesn't quite fit the intent but some incidents/games that have stuck with me and became the dominant
memory attributed to them:

- Heath Shaw GF smother
- Barry Hall KO
- Tom Hawkins Final quarter against North
- Nathan Brown Broken leg
- Razor Ray Holy Jesus
- Chris Connolly Sirengate
- Shane Crawford That's what I'm talkin bout
- Mark Williams Choking
- Cameron Ling Miss from goalsquare
- James Hird (as a player) Hugging fan
- Simon Beaumont 8 first half goals
- Greg Williams Claiming goal from an Eagles rushed point
- Dane Rampe Climbing goalpost, probably

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Old M8

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Feb 2, 2009
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Lochlan “The Veale Deal” Veale. 0 games of AFL.

The Dogs traded pick 6 to Hawthorn for him and he was delisted after 1 season with the Dogs.

Footscray only gave up pick 6 for him so Hawthorn would make Jade Rawlings walk, allowing the dogs to take him in the PSD instead of trading him to his preferred destination of North.


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Aug 9, 2016
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SF 49ers and Giants, U of Wisconsin
Excluding those already mentioned,

John Butcher and Jason Tutt for the same game

Gary Rohan, Ash McGrath, and Jordan McMahon for goals after the siren

Ashley Sampi and Shaun Smith, like Moorcroft, for a huge mark.
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