Analysis Players who didn’t get where they wanted

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Sep 15, 2016
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Around the time Clarko came in, Crawf investigated his options due to the fact he didn't think Clarko liked him. From memory he met with Eddie McGuire who basically told him "mate you don't really want to leave - give it a year and if you still feel this way we can chat". Crawf talks about it in his book.
I remember Crawford saying somewhere that he’d given Clarkson a couple of rips off the ball at some stage, so thought his ticket was stamped when Clarkson arrived at Waverley. Sounds fair


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Mar 29, 2019
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Elliot Yeo wanted to come to Fremantle but once Brad Lloyd the list manager at the time chose not to pursue him and went to West Coast instead


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Apr 25, 2012
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Yeah if West Coast weren't a great team he'd be in Melbourne.

I'd imagine he'll leave soon for the 'go home' factor. Just wants to win a flag first.
I think he wants to be the first Eagle to 300 games.Him and Jack Darling are both on track.Both born in the same week and both on the same number of games(196 and 27years old)and Gaff as an outside mid is a better chance of not getting injured.
Even at the Eagles who ask would you rather play hard play finals regularly and give it your all or play 300 games for a lesser side with less chance of burning out someone will get to 300 games eventully.


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Mar 10, 2007
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What about Jade Rawlings?

Not only didn't get where he wanted, didn't get to change his mind and stay where he was either. Wanted to go go North, North and Hawthorn couldn't get a deal done so WB, Essendon and Hawthorn orchestrated the famous "Veale deal" to send pick 6 and Mark Alvey to Essendon, Lochlan Veale to WB and Danny Jacobs to Hawthorn, allowing the Bulldogs to pick up Rawlings at #1 in the PSD. Taking Essendon out of the picture the Dogs traded Alvey and pick 6 for some kid who was pick 65 the year before and had never played. In the end it was losers all round, but no way the AFL would rubber stamp it today.
I don’t think we covered ourselves in glory with that move.....

Although after Rd 1 we looked like geniuses !!!

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