Players You'd Like To See Breakout In 2021

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Virgin Dog

Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 29, 2017
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
From the Dogs, I'd love to see Ed Richards hit the next level. Was so promising in his first season as a half back flanker, but has been so up and down since then while playing more forward. Been given plenty of opportunity, and players have been dropped after better performances than what Ed has served up at times, but he still has a tendency to have moments of greatness within games of overall mediocrity.

From other teams, LDU looked a level above the rest in his draft year imo, but has really failed to deliver so far (plus dealt with injury issues). Has so much talent and would be massive for North overall if he can hit his potential.


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 6, 2010
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Other Teams
MCFC, The Exers
I like a good underdog story so if I had to pick one oppo player it would be Dow. Knee injury not withstanding, most of the footy world sees Paddy Wow as more of a Paddy Bahbow. Diesel Williams has publicly outed him as being too soft. It would be good to see him flip all of that on its head this year.

At Melbourne it is undoubtedly Weideman. The pieces are pretty much there. Time to put them together and become a consistent player.


Premiership Player
May 7, 2007
Yarra Park
AFL Club
Someone at training today said he's bulked up and not looking like a skeleton any more.

Think it's still going to be too soon for a breakout season for him though.

Reckon he'll improve and all-things-being-equal maybe have a few breakout type games (with bags of goals), but that next year is a lot more likely for him to be grabbing the comp by the scruff of the neck consistently.

Last season he was really only having big quarters (generally the first quarter) and then dying right out, so I reckon with the return to 20 min quarters in particular he'll need another preseason, on top of this one, for both fitness and strength.
Agree. He’s got a great coach and part of a very positive culture at Moorabin, I’m sure he’ll be a 200+ gamer for the Saints.

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Oct 28, 2003
Marshall Arena MK
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St Kilda
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