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Apr 4, 2021
AFL Club
North Melbourne
A plea to all NMFC fans , please get to the game this week .
let's show we are not bandwagon fans , a good showing of 20 thous. would shut the haters up.
I for one am more nervous about the crowd figure then the result itself.
I will bring ppl with me, my sister, niece , two nephews, brother in law , will attend there first game of the year. bring ur mates .
fingers crossed for 20 thousand .

if nothing else ur motivator to show up should be to shut the ZERO game legend and authority on life and football Caroline Wilson up .
Have got 3 tickets, excited, this youth takes me back to the late 80’s early 90’s while the win would be awesome, is more about the foundation and getting glimpses of what we’re building.

Prefer the low expectations and the maybe of belting out the team song and this could be the week when it all clicks.

Time to go all in on the rebuild and be grateful that we get to watch the royal blue and white in Melbourne.

Orange Peanut

Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 6, 2013
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Having a minor moral dilemma here.

Because we have to book tickets, I have reserved 5 seats for the game. But there is every possibility we will only use 2.

Me and 1 kid are locked in, but I've got another kid who "might" want to go, a mate who has to commute for hours to the games and has a function on the night before; and a neutral supporting mate who sometimes likes to come along to Sunday games.

So there's every chance we will only fill 2 of the seats we've booked. But my reasoning is that I figure the club would rather I bring as many as I can? Even if it gives a false indication of the numbers that are actually going?

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