Podcast Podcast 2020: Review Week 15, Preview Week 16 - Christmas Miracles??

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Apr 8, 2008
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This week Blacky is off Christmas shopping, so J Shuttlesworth joins us to give a violet crumble perspective on excellent kicking.
In the three weeks since our last pod, QBs sucked in week 13, kickers sucked in week 14, and punters sucked in week 15!!

Plus in our 3 weeks off, the Steelers have no wins, and the Jets won!!
2020 being 2020 yet again...

And we have Finley saving Zac Taylors job (unfortunately for Burrows and bengals fans)
Sets up a great week 17 game though!

Was the Jets win the most pointless win of the season? Are the Raiders falling off a cliff? With the flaming ruins of Gruden's coaching future?
I ask Brasher how Donald is going for the Chargers... Brash says every team gets a pass mark for the season!???

Jesus loves Diggs, and Brash's Christmas gift would be an AFC championship games Bills -v- Chiefs? In snow? Or sunshine??
How good are Josh Allen and Justin Herbert? Josh Allen has Elway in him, yet Elway didn't draft him??

J Shuttlesworth says the Packers always play 4 quarters of defense???!? Clearly he hasn't watched them this year.
Brash loves Dunlap at the Seahawks.

J Shuttlesworth and Foo both carefully, lovingly support Dwayne Haskins off field choices and behaviours...I say Wishnowski is punter of the year.
I note that the 49ers trotted out real ABCD receivers in week 15, highlighted by the innovatively named River Carcraft (Cracraft??) who drives on water...

Has balance been restored in a few games between pass attempts and run attempts?
Are the Vikings going away from Jefferson on TD passes? Are the Fins in for the postseason?
Brady left due to lack of talent in NE, according to J Shuttlesworth! And he has goss from another podcast about the Arians coaching approach and relationship with Brady...

Is the Rams loss on Goff, or the Rams ST? While the Saints weren't quite good enough, at least the Saints run D bounced back from the loss against the Eagles, which was the first time since 1980 that the Saints gave up two 100+yd running games!! Brasher wonders how it was a close game, and J Shuttlesworth wonders how Taysom Hill has not had more devoted media coverage despite having become such a super athlete playing all positions so brilliantly.

Then Brash departs like a Niner rotating to IR, leaving Jeshus, Foo and I to preview week 16.
fuey and J Shuttlesworth say the Niners have put the cue in the rack. I back the Niners.
You can listen to the rest of it...

Especially where fuey says the Browns are too good to lose.


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