Podcast Podcast 2020 - Review week 17, Preview Wild Cards - Upset City, or Down Browns?

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Freo Football Foci
Apr 8, 2008
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How weird were the first 5 days of 2021??
Brasher loved the roughing the passer call against the Vikings - Sven and J Shuttlesworth probably agree.
John Worsfold's future as a late career QB blossoms, and Demetrius Flanigan-Fowler nearly stomps the Seahawks
The futures of the Fins, Texans and Cards. In Washington - is it Peg leg or Hine-icky?
How did Wentz of 2019, who was the first QB ever to throw 20+ TDs, and 4000+ yds, but have no receiver go for 500yds, to this year's dumpster fire?
The greatness that is T Y Macgill. fuey 's version of tanking, and his magic line, and whether it was crossed...
How does the NFC East have a historically awful year, clearly the most consistently pitiful division ever, yet no coach gets sacked in the division?

Why is Cam Johnson my new found hero??
How did BFFFL have a boilover in the grand final??
And we have Santa Blacky 's Bronco review...

Wild Card preview
It is the first time in 30 years a WR wins the Heisman, and also the Browns are in the playoffs.
Will the Browns run the ball more than AmericanCrow posts in the weekly thread?
Big Ben looks average...
Who will be the upsets from the wildcard round??
Can a Colts team that gave up 250+ yards and two TDs to Mike Glennon compete with the Bills? Will Diggs break 200 yards?
Will Brady run for 3 yards, or 4 yards?
How many teatowels will Brasher iron and fold during Bears -v- Saints??
What does my $2 challenge mean for the board tipsters??
Brasher conducts a great whiteboard analysis (complete with purple "delta") of fuey 's view of the use of Derrick Henry.
Were Seahawks hammered so hard by Demetrius Flanningan-Fowles that they are too worn out to beat the Rams??
Does any coach that loses in the WC round get sacked??


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