Podcast Podcast 2020 - Review week 6, Preview Week 7 - "Somewhat Fraudulent"

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Apr 8, 2008
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Another week under the belt!

In this week's review of week 6, it is just three turkeys - Brasher is off on special assignment! We talk about the Aaron McCringleberry Cringe, the pick six(es) he gave up, and Jordan Love's stellar future. Why Matt Milano matters to the Bills, how the Broncos might have solved the Patriots (??!!??), and who is this John Brown? And why are the Jags so rubbish!??

Sadness at Fitzmagic getting shafted. fuey hates the McManus game as "teams should have to score a TD". Whatever...
Who does Blacky claim as "somewhat fraudulent"?? And how many times does fuey then go on to copy that catchphrase??

Plus Sven and J Shuttlesworth really do know their Vikings after all (way to predict a loss fellas!!). And aussiedude knows his Rodgers, and that fear of sunburn...
Is Danny Dimes the real deal? And everyone listen in close for my views on Gase's unacknowledged offensive genius (or for Blacky and his theory on Gase's defensive genius).

Plus fuey has a glove joke. No not OJ related...

Then we preview week 7, and fuey tries to pretend we didn't record this one after the finish of the Thursday night game. Nice try at being a wonder predictor, Mr Quarterback Whispherererererer... Plus it is the Jon Gruden game!!

As Brasher wasn't with us, we held off on DeBerg nominees because we'd all still be picking Mullens.
Which would make him mad.

So give us nominees for DeBerg week 7, & your picks for week 6 DeBerg, in this thread.

Have at it folks...

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Feb 7, 2010
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Green Bay Packers, Stanford
Well i would of enjoyed TNF between the Bills and KC. Im fine with good teams on Thursdays. its the bad teams on Thursdays i dont like. Its because they are bad enough on a full week or prep, and they are just worse on short weeks. even if the game was a bit of a letdown.

I would like to see fuey bank statements. im not sure he isnt a paid hype man for Burrows

Still selling the Texans. even after today. They just dont have the weapons to work with. and too many holes. Its a long rebuild coming because of the lack of draft picks and a poor cap situation.

Minshew Mania is over. which kinda sucks, because he just looks like Jacksonville

Are the Pats actually this bad like did BB fool us all the first month of the season? the last few weeks have fallen off a cliff.

The Bears were always going to look better on D this year with Hicks back, i said it a bunch of times lastyear. His injury hurt them more than anything else. his push in 18 was how Mack and others got the stupid sack numbers. Like well anytime the Bears are ever good, the D is legit the O is well a Bears O

How can you dislike Riverboat Ron going for it. You should thank him for not sending it to OT and giving people 10 mins extra football.

I think Miami moving to Tua is a Steven Ross decision, just like the decision to draft him was.

BeinPurplenGreen your umm thing on Gase and his record book punts almost lines up with what Jets fans think of him. just change one letter. The Jets Punter has a higher average than the Jets QB's have passer rating for the season.

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