Podcast Podcast 2020 - Review week 9, Preview Week 10 - Jersey Shopping

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Freo Football Foci
Apr 8, 2008
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Folks, the regular season is over half way done!!

Is Brandin Cooks really good?
The Bears, living the Nagylicious life, and having Barkevious Mingo as your best RB.

The Colts, the Ravens and the interception that wasn't...
Gase and the defensive brilliance of his coaching.

The Broncos need to be behind on the scoreboard to play well...
Who was the hundred yard receiver for the Falcons?

Danny Dimes and the Washington curse.

Blacky is all about Brasher and his busted coverages.
fuey is giving the Packers tackling lessons.
Brasher is scouting QBs for next year.

We picked the sustainability problem of the Seahawks back when Sven and J Shuttlesworth were on the podcast last month. Boy did we get that right!! Gobble gobble gobble...
Wilson has to be perfect for them to win at the moment.

Tua and his historic effort versus the new pocket passer, Kyler Murray.
Spectacular or safe? Is it more important to be a QB that scores lots, or a QB that doesn't turn the ball over?

Oh yeah, and what about the 77 yard TD that came after a snap that was taken a full 3 seconds after the play clock expired (but no delay of game was called)??

Victor Green, Bill Bellicheck and the engraved Jets Tiffany paperweight...

Then we look forward to week 10!
The four best teams in football are back from their bye weeks!!

Texans coaching and GM candidates getting a guaranteed honeymoon period??

What Browns defense will we see?
Can the Steelers keep producing even without Devin Bush?

I put Aaron Donald on the Chargers...
But who is the Chargers closer on D?

Wills the Bills sweep the NFC West??

The impact of losing Marshall Yonda on Lamar Jackson...

And which jersey is next on the Brasher shopping list??

Let us know what you think...


Enjoying my teams losses more than I should 😙
Oct 18, 2013
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Carolina Panthers. Zach Wilson.
I think the Bears do try and run the ball..the problem is the play designs are garbage, no opposing defense is scared of Foles so stack the the box at will , and the oline can't block for sh*t (and Montgomery isn't anything special either).

It's a perfect storm for epic shitness on the ground.

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