Podcast Podcast 2020: Review Wild Card, Preview Divisional Round - Old Blokes -v- Young Pups?

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Freo Football Foci
Apr 8, 2008
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Week 2 of the playoffs is underway! And our podcast is up! But Blacky is absent, mourning the loss of Elway's GMing...

Wild Card Review
Brasher says Bears coach Nagy played scaredy cat. He reckons Chicago not up for it and most disappointing team of the wild card round. New Orleans weren't great, and in fact were a dropped flea flicker pass away from losing. At least the game enjoyed another great hyphenated player display (after Demetrius Flanagan-Fowles last week) by Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, who yet again sucked a WR in to getting ejected.

For me the Titans were the most disappointing team of the week. Brasher reckons Vrabel punted for surrender. Weird when it has been a season with a huge number of 4th down attempts. fuey says 5 sacks isn't enough to beat the Ravens... Do the Titans have a balance problem?

Washington took my $2 away. fuey made a prediction. Why doesn't Hienkieyieyeyyy get more credit? Listen to Brasher and his alternative QB plan for WFT (WTF??). Will teams with losing records keep hosting playoff games??

Colts have lots of young WR talent. Bills were super limited in the run game. Can they go further with no RBs contributing?? Bills first win in the playoffs since whenever...

What happened to Wilson?? Brasher can barely hide his glee... Seahawks was an absolute snore fest - even though John Worsfold was knocked out!! End of the Johnny Hecker era...

And some other game was played. In which there was 68 pass attempts by some old dude.
Who is supposedly going to get $41 million next year? Do we have another example of teams being cursed when GG.exe jumps on as a fan??

Divisional Preview
Will it be a drought ending weekend of divisional games?? Who gets my $2?

Who wins the old blokes derby? Is it the last time we see Brees or Brady, or both? Is Mike Evans playing again? Where is Sanders?

Do the Rams get smashed by the marshmallow schedule Packers?? Can Aaron Donald get to Rodgey Rodge? Can the Packers win while still not tackling?? fuey has super feelings...

fuey predicts both Jackson and Allen will run for more yards than they pass for.

Do we see the Baker of 3 weeks ago against the Jets, or the new Baker?

Will we see the record surrender index of punting broken again?? Any punts from 4th and goal??
Who from the divisional round loses and heads for future mediocrity?


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