Podcast Podcast 2020: Two Turkeys, Two Vikings and a Dude! Review Week 5 / Preview Week 6

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Apr 8, 2008
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Hello again and welcome to another early Monday morning!

This week, for some strange reason, both fuey and Blacky bailed on the podcast! Two plucked turkeys!! Maybe because their teams were both on bye weeks, they didn't watch any games?? And what stocktake was fuey doing that left him tired and with a sore throat??

Anyway, good ole Brasher was still here, and the two remaining Turkeys were joined by two Vikings ( J Shuttlesworth and Sven ) - and as the Packers needed someone to defend them on the podcast we had aussiedude join us as well!!

We start with a review of the Vikes, including is Zimmer evolving, are we finally seeing promising signs from the youngins, and were they right to go for it on 4th down? Have they been hurt by coaching turnover at the assistant coach position?

Then we get Sven 's views on the pure beauty of the NFL, and explore why teams are setting a record pace of 4th down attempts (and conversion %) this season, especially in the first half.

Which team was 1-35 when down by 17 points or more but broke through in week 5? And can you believe that we have had at least one comeback win every week this year from 15 points down or more?? Sven shares his spurts theory on that, fuey would be proud...

Sven and aussiedude share their views on Herbert as QB (they might almost be our new QB whisperers after fuey said Burrows is all that was good about this year's rookie QBs). Then there is the Dan Quinn farewell extravaganza, also known as the Mike Davis emergence. Who will win the NFC South, and why does Brasher love the division so much??
The Jags are the first team ever in NFL history to lose three consecutive weeks against winless teams - while Romeo has a win, but the future isn't all Romeo and Juliet for the Texans.

Brasher wonders who Bryan/Brian/Brain Allen is, and how Tomsula has taken over Shanahan's body. Would he take Bridgewater over Jimmy G? Why would Brasher never play a punter against the Chiefs? And he shares his tipping strategy!! Then Sven wonders how many competent coaches there really are at present. And J Shuttlesworth and aussiedude debate if we have seen great rookie WRs, or just terrible DB play this season.

Then we move on to a quickfire preview of some of week 6. Brasher pays tribute to Rob Saleh, and why he should have left as a head coach, and aussiedude and J Shuttlesworth prove that real fans remember the beatdowns and bad losses more than the easy wins.

Who wins the matchup between Brady and Rodgers, which is only the third time they have ever played against each other??
Is the Monday highlight Dalton or Mahomes? What is Sven 's game of round 6? And why does he LOVE Belicheck? Lastly who do the panel pick as DeBerg award winners from week 5 and nominees for week 6??

Let us know what you think.

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Oct 18, 2013
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So many options for the DeBerg next week; Mayfield, Rodgers, Cousins, Newton.... spoilt for choice you !icky buggers. 😂

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J Shuttlesworth

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Aug 6, 2012
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Elocution left much to be desired though ey, just like the elections...
Was good fun, thanks for having me on 'again'.

Good to chat football live, it's funny how you think to talk about/say things when watching the games and jot them down, then when you go to articulate them for the pod come out like a bumbling mess haha.


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Feb 7, 2010
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Need to add a award next to the DeBerg. the Lane Kiffin Coach of the week award [It might be won by Gase most weeks] because of this gem from 10 years ago. i had been meaning to post this but kept forgetting.
IIRC it was 2nd or 3rd down the play

Also when he was a USC some fans put graffiti on the pavement for the Fire truck lane. it became the Fire Lane Kiffin side of the street

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