Podcast Podcast 2020: Wrap Up Divisional Round, Preview Championship Games - Dream Matchups?

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Freo Football Foci
Apr 8, 2008
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We start with Chad Henne delivering Brasher his wet dream. But really was in the Hanging Chad, or did the Ravens never get going?
Then Brasher delves into the difference between mobile QBs and dual threat QBs - and asks when was the last dual threat QB that succeeded down the stretch in playoffs?
Missed field goals just kill momentum! How could Baltimore have the ball for 35 minutes, yet still lose to the Bills?

Has there ever been a game where two elite #1 WRs had less impact than Mike Evans and Michael Thomas? Indeed Thomas' only impact was a tackle!
Brasher says Sean Payton should have played Jameis in the last few rounds of the regular season...
Tampa clearly benefiting from the trend towards hyphenated players...

We were all surprised that the Rams were so ineffective on defense
Perhaps Donald should have played off the line instead of in the middle?

Brasher wonders which body part knocked out Mahomes.
fuey reveals his QB likeability index (hello the new Wonderlic index), and reveals why Henne rates highly on it
AmericanCrow analysis of the game gets a bit of attention...
Brasher wonders if Mahomes can ever be like Tiger Woods.

Brasher and Blacky argue over punters...
Blacky reveals he just loves Tom Brady

It is notable how the winning teams aren't throwing 50+ pass attempts..
Which of the remaining teams has the best backup QB?


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