Switch Pokémon Legends Arceus - January 28th 2022

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Brownlow Medallist
Feb 19, 2016
AFL Club
North Melbourne
They might as well have brought in Monolift Soft as consultants. These guys are great open world developers who have gotten used to Switch hardware.


Premiership Player
Jun 22, 2011
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Other Teams
Man City, Cleveland Browns
I hate the way Pokémon just move aimlessly in one spot in the overworld in SWSH and don't interact with anything and that seems to be the same here. At least their trademark texture pop in is improved, as it is truly atrocious in current gen.

It's the right style of game to make, so kudos to them. I just have no faith in their ability to execute basic fundamentals, that massively contribute to to the world building and immersion.

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