Rumour Police investigating Gary Ablett Snr for alleged 1970's assault


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Jan 16, 2016
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He didn't do a runner

He doesn’t mention Alisha Horan. That poor, star-struck teenager who died of a drug overdose – administered by Ablett – in a hotel room. Not much dignity in the way she died. And when he did a runner he didn’t place much value on her life.

The 2007 article said ‘he made a full open and honest statement to Police’. It doesn’t say he fled the hotel and went into hiding.

While the young woman lay in a drug induced coma in hospital Ablett went into hiding. Police couldn’t find him. A lawyer said the usual rubbish about how he couldn’t wait for his day in court. Couldn’t wait to put the real story out there.

Then when an inquest came along Ablett refused to testify on the grounds it could incriminate him.

But back to the hours after he woke up in a city hotel room with the comatose young fan on his bed.

Did he tell the paramedics trying to save her that he had given the unconscious girl six ecstasy tablets? No. Did he tell them he had given her heroin and told her it was cocaine? No.

Did he go to the hospital and tell the doctors what they had been up to. No.

Did he visit her family or phone them and tell them what had happened to their daughter. No.

In fact, and I have this confirmed in some anguished letters from members of her family, that girl was a Jane Doe as they say. An unknown patient in the hospital. A comatose female known only by a number. Where’s the dignity there?
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