Police probe into 2004 Milne case investigation


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Mar 19, 2008
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So they will interview him, and he will make the "Bart Simpson defense: I didn't do it!"

Then what. Even if he did do it, then what.
Pretty sure that if evidence went missing, its a bit late to check the CCTV or dust for fingerprints.

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Jul 31, 2009
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Hate to let truth get in the way of the fictional accounts doing the rounds but here are some facts. Hans HARMS left Brighton in the mid to late 90s and took promotion in the city. He has not worked at Brighton for about 12 years and was not stationed there when this alleged incident occurred in 2004. He has been in his current role at Moorabbin Traffic Section for about 10 years. He had never had anything to do with the Brighton CIB (who by the way were always based in Gardenvale and not at the Brighton Police Station). Those who understand how the Police Force operates would know that detectives and traffic coppers are miles apart and have little to do with each other. Now that this tenuous link has been raised I understand that it needs to be followed up but there is no way that this bloke is complicit in any of this. It will be proved that this suggestion is without basis but in the meantime a decent person who cannot defend himself has had his integrity questioned. The only truth is that he did work as a part time trainer at St Kilda for many many years. He left a few years back to take up another position with a local club.
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