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Jun 23, 2013
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Disappointed Kerry Stokes and 7 west media buried the most important story through out the election.

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Your COVID view is that it's a non event, blown out of proportion/hoax etc. Millions die around the world and you couldn't care less. Now someone has died in a hospital and it's the elections biggest issue?

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Quentin Quokka

What a quokka sh#t!
Apr 15, 2021
AFL Club
I agree. It’s easy to get on social media and join the chorus of outrage but wouldn’t it be more productive to look in your garbage bin and see what you could be diverting from landfill. Get to know your work colleagues and see if you can car pool or even better start catching public transport or riding a push bike to work. Sell your second car, your boat, your motor cycle. These fires may well be a result of the ‘big picture’ in Australia but that picture is made up of 20 million smaller stories about individuals and corporations’ habits and processes.
How many people know that Waste decomposing at landfill produces methane, a gas 25 times more destructive than carbon?
I’d implore everyone to have a look at their own small picture before jumping on social media and expecting the government to fix the big picture for us. Because when all the mining and resource companies get run out of town and we go into a devastating economic recession, I expect the same chorus of voices will cry poor at the governments failure to protect our standard of living. It’s the era we live in, the era of outrage and entitlement, and it is fundamentally at odds with the future of our planet.
Biggie!!! How the f##k are you? GO FREO!!!

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