POLL: An updated poll of GC names


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Apr 18, 2008
Glen Waverly
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Australia, Roger Federer.
Gold Coast Generals maybe?

Alliteration is good, very vague links to the gold coast as 2 of Australia's 3 largest military barracks are in Queensland (although none are anywhere near GC). Probably too American though...
Shame though, as it could potentially facilitate a half decent dark green strip (definitely no camo involved though), although the Australian army general badge is a very complex design. If it were like the 4 silver stars American generals wear, it'd be very easy to effectively incorporate into a jumper and logo design.

Also, probably would make people think of the Washington Generals, which isn't exactly the best sporting team to be associated with.

I dunno, just a thought. None of the names so far have really blown my mind...
Yeah umm......
Good effort but that is a dreadful name.


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Jun 2, 2005
St Kilda
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Grassroots Footy
lol Hammerheads reminds me of that awful show on ch 7 when they made that footy team.
The show might have bombed, but the team were massively popular here in Melbourne.

I went to one of their games and they had close to 10,000 people watching. Granted some of the crowd just wanted to get their faces on TV (isn't that the same for any AFL match), but at one stage if you asked almost anyone who didn't follow an AFL team who they barracked for, they would respond "Hammerheads" !

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