Prediction POLL Whos on your shortlist for our first draft selection?

Who will we take with our first selection in the 2019 draft?

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Oct 23, 2014
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Well firstly, I dont see KPD's as a catastrophic hole in our current list. We have at least 3 more years from Tarrant, Majak has played decent footy down back and have Mckay & Durdin desperate for opportunity and remain relatively untried. Would I be against taking a development KPD with a late pick? Ofcoarse not, but we have bigger priorities with those first three picks. As I said, I'd be fine with #49 being used on a KPD or us to target a raw project KPD via the rookie draft.

Take a look at the 2019 AA Squads KPD's - D. Grimes (#2 Pre Season Draft), N. Haynes (#7 National Draft), J. McGovern (#44 Rookie Draft), D. Talia (#13 National Draft), H. Andrews (#61 National Draft), M. Blicavs (#54 Rookie Draft)... Only 2 have been a high pick. Point is, you don't have to use a first/second rounder on these guys.

The 2015 draft really just reiterates the in competencies of Joyce, Scott & our recruiting staff. Clarke was pick 31 and couldn't kick at junior level, Hibberd was pick 33 HBFer who couldn't kick and was slow, Mountford was pick 60.
Agree to disagree in regards to our defence. I think apart from Tarrant our key defenders are complete unknowns and there is a likelihood that 2 of Daw, Durdin and McKay won’t make it.
Daw has had one good season of football in 10 years and obviously has ongoing issues with his physical and mental health.
I haven’t written either of Durdin or McKay off yet, but the next 12 months is basically make or break for both.
Do we wait 12 months where we could potentially be left with Tarrant, or Tarrant and one other, or do we get on the front foot now?

If you look at previous AA squads rather than one in isolation you will find several key backs who were picked up the top end. Rance, Hurley, Hurn, Talia, even Stewart was a late 2nd rounder from memory.

You could say the same incompetence in the 2015 draft was effected in the 2014 draft too. You can’t have it both ways.

I’m not saying I desperately want two key backs (not that I think Gould is), I just stated that I wouldn’t be upset if we picked up two who we thought have potential elite talent as I think it does fill a hole and they will fill different roles.

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