News Port Adelaide AGM 31 January 2020

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Wasn't that REH?
Nope not me. I didn't ask any questions.

I did suggest to KT at the meeting Rick organised with Richo for Bigfooty posters, that candidates who run for the board, should be allowed to make their pitch to members at a Talking Footy night with a speeches section followed by Q&A. Was thinking 1 or 2 nights depending on how many candidates run. He agreed it could be done.

Once every month, if the board directors are fully frank about issues and no topic is banned, would be useful.
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Typical Rucci piece where he dips the toe in the water on a particular subject, then meanders around it, sometimes going off tangentially to the topic, then returning.

At the end of it you keep thinking, "what the hell was his actual point?".

Probably to avoid making pointed and unambiguous things that he can later deny he specifically mentioned, to avoid nasty consequences from people he needs to keep onside as deep throats.

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