News Port Adelaide AGM 31 January 2020


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Dec 17, 2017
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Well I guess we copied that video thingo they did. Might as well change NTUA to YNWA and be done with it. Oh and up our thieving, moaning bastadry to epic levels.
NTUA and YNWA are my two favourite four letter acronyms. Enjoyed seeing them together.

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Nov 16, 2004
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The_Wookie has once again paid and downloaded the accounts lodged with ASIC. Thanks mate. :thumbsu: :thumbsu: .

We continue to give minimal info on revenue and expenses side of things. In the Revenue Notes to the accounts we lump everything into 4 items - 2 of them are Venues and Other. The WCE and Freo show 9 revenue items (they don't have Venues) and separately show interest earned and dividends earned, as well as give 9 matching expense items against those 9 revenue items.
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