Port Adelaide has signed a multi-year partnership with Balfours Bakery

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Sep 28, 2011
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A pineapple donut (anyone remember those?) was just about my favorite thing when I was a little tacker.

Welcome aboard Balfours 👏👏

No, but I do remember coconut donuts which were completely covered in coconut, they were the stuff of food orgasms :)
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Nov 16, 2004
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If that PAACE ever gets built, the plans are to have a commercial kitchen built in the facilities so that can be part of the education and work training programs we do with the aboriginal and non aboriginal students.

When its up and running we should get old man De Souza's grand daughter to come and make those pies and pasties that old man De Souza started making in the late 1970's and selling outside the ground at quarter and half time. Train up the kids who stay in the accommodation block as a way to subsidize their rent and they can keep it going for years. The grand daughter stopped selling them at the end of 2018, as she told me 2018 would be her last year selling them. If she sold any in 2019, I missed out.

I thought losing Four 'n Twenty was an opportunity, but we have to wait another 3 years it seems. The PAACE probably wont be built by then anyway.

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Mar 26, 2007
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Do Balfours still have that footy pie? Used to love that. Another excuse to eat more delicious Frog Cakes. The donuts for Vilis and Balfours are both horrendous though.

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