Preview PORT ADELAIDE VS GEELONG, Saturday, June 22, 7:10PM @ Adelaide Oval- #BRINGBACKTHEBARS NIGHT

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Jul 31, 2017
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Port Adelaide
Port Adelaide and Geelong, two teams going to the season I predicted to both be mediocre, middle of the road teams…
Well for one of those teams, my prediction was completely correct, but for the other it has been the complete opposite

Form line

Port Adelaide- 6-6, Last 5 (LWLWL)

One word to descried Port this year… Mediocre, as we have been for the last five years, mediocre is a word that completely describes Ken Hinkley. Ports wins this year, apart from the West Coast and St Kilda games have been anything but convincing, playing the same scrappy boring football that we have seen for years now. The excitement has completely gone now. They can’t handle the heat, and whenever encountered with a difficult moment, this team just falls apart, assisted by a lack of tactical assistance. If this game gets close, put your house on us folding. The only positives from Port this year have been the young players Connor Rozee, Zak Butters, Xavier Duursma, Kane Farrell and Willem Drew showing great signs, and veteran Travis Boak coming out of nowhere to be back into career best form and into Brownlow contention.

Geelong- 11-1, Last 5 (WWWWW)

Geelong will be coming off the bye after a dream start to the season. Many people myself included, expected the cats to drop off a bit this year, but boy we were wrong. The Cats have been a class above the rest this year, two games clear on top of the table after round 13. Tim Kelly has been shining and probably a top 5 contender for the Brownlow. There young players have been great, all their stars in Dangerfield, Ablett, Selwood and Hawkins have been in great form and have just in general been brilliant. The only thing that could possibly let the cats down is that they have not won their game directly after the bye in the last nine years.


Port Adelaide

Dixon, Wines and Ebert are all a chance to come back in the side after good runs in the SANFL on the weekend. Drew, Garner and Frampton should also be in the selection frame. Lienert, Motlop and Bonner should all automatically get dropped after disgusting performances on the weekend. Hinkley has said Rockliff will likely miss again and he might be looking at playing only one ruckmen so what I’d like to see is:

In: Wines, Ebert, Dixon, Drew, Frampton
Out: Motlop, Lienert, Bonner, Ryder, S.Gray

FB: D.Byrne-Jones | T.Clurey | T.Jonas
HB: D.Houston | D.Howard | R.Burton
C: X.Duursma | T.Boak | K.Amon
R: S.Lycett | S.Powell-Pepper | O.Wines
HF: C.Rozee | B.Frampton | K.Farrell
FF: R.Gray | C.Dixon | Z.Butters
I: H.Hartlett | B.Ebert | W.Drew | J.Westhoff


Expect a similar team to what they put out against Richmond two weeks ago. Only possible change is Ratugolea dropping out due to injury but is touch and go at the moment. Dracy Fort most likely comes in for him if he doesn’t make it.

FB: Z.Tuohy | J.Kolodjashnji |M.O’Connor
HB: T.Stewart | H.Taylor | M.Blicavs
C: P.Dangerfield | T.Kelly | M.Duncan
R: R.Stanley | J.Selwood | C.Guthrie
HF: L.Dahlhaus |E.Ratugolea | T.Hawkins
FF: G.Ablett | G.Rohan | T.Atkins
I: G.Miers | B.Parfitt | J.Clark | J.Henry


Port Adelaide have only beaten Geelong once since the 2007 Grand Final
and only twice since the 2004 Qualifying Final, the other time being Dom Cassisi’s game winning goal game in 2007.

How we can win

It all starts at the selection table, for me the only way I see us winning is if we select two out of Dixon, Frampton, Marshall and Ladhams. Doing this automatically makes us a 5-6 better goal side. We can’t hold back and have to play out of our skins. Our veterans in Boak, Westhoff and Gray will have to be at their best but unfortunately, I can see Chris Scott just being too tactically good for Hinkley to beat.

My Prediction

We will come out with lots of energy wanting to win after last week with the home crowd behind our back kicking the first goal also accompanied by lots of missed opportunities. Geelong will however settle and hold a two-goal lead by the quarter time break. In the second and third quarter the Cats will arm-wrestle their way to a 30 odd point lead but as the third quarter and early fourth progresses Port slowly fight their way back into it, bringing the lead back to less than two goals. After both teams go scoreless for a 10-minute patch halfway through the last quarter, Geelong kick four late ones to end up with a comfortable 35 point win. Gryan Miers with four goals and Cam Guthrie BOG.

Everyone that can make it to the game remember to support the Bring Back the Bars cause and wear anything Black and White that you have at home, doesn’t matter if it’s not a guernsey.

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Apr 22, 2018
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Looking at our draw at the start of the year i penciled this in for a good win and was looking foward to finally beating the cats again. Wrong again credit to the cats for being where they are and shame on us. Cats by 22

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Norm Smith Medallist
Feb 7, 2014
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
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Chelsea FC , Boston Red Sox/celtics
Wonder how many fans will start looking at the phones instead of the game, people at home games are just feeling empty 10 mins into the 2nd quarter


Premiership Player
Feb 22, 2012
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Port Adelaide
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FC Barcelona
What's Geelong's record after the bye?! Don't think it's crash hot.
That said, if we look like we would have a sniff, the AFL would manufacture a win for the Cats. I, for one, won't even watch it on TV.

Long live PAFC

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Sep 25, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
It’s rare to look at a game and not find a way for one side to win. But that’s the case for this game.

Geelong’s defence match up well individually and structurally against our forward line. ‘Chaos’ or ‘dirty’ ball won’t work. Hacked kicks forward for territory won’t work. I can’t see our forward territory game working at all.

Midfield wise they have us covered. Wines, Boak and Gray vs Dangerfield, Kelly, Duncan and Selwood. More depth, faster, more burst speed, more skilful. They will win the contested footy and the clearances. Pushing an extra up to the contest to overcome their superiority might mean more ball won but more intercept marks for their defenders.

Defensive wise, we have looked terrible. Poor structure. Individuals seemingly without idea which player to set up against and, if they do, they are making the wrong decision. We regularly turn the ball over under pressure, which will be applied by Dalhaus and Rohan. We don’t have a match up for Hawkins and their second big tall.

The only way I foresee a victory would be us playing out of our skins, Geelong playing poorly, ya getting some umpire help and 7 Geelong players doing knees.

We will be brave. We will play to Hinkley’s game plan. We will throw everything we have at them. And we won’t be good enough and Geelong will break us. 60+ points to Geelong. A scoreless quarter by Port.


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Mar 24, 2014
Adelaide, South Australia
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
We are going to get absolutely spanked. We will only get within 4 goals of them if Geelong play poorly. Players will be all hyped up to show we can turn form around after the limp 4th quarter last week. But this will result in stupid free kicks, high bombs into our forward 50 and copious turn overs. Once Geelong weather, perhaps 10 mins of manic pressure, our game plan (if you can call it that) will fall apart and the players will go into their shell. Ken will add to his long list of muppet cliches in presser.

Every game I witness now is a step closer and a count down to seeing the end of Ken Hinkley.


Premiership Player
Apr 3, 2014
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Be nice to actually score a win against this mob and believe it or not i actually think we are half a chance due to our form guide following this Yo Yo pattern all season. If the good port actually decides to turn up and gets the crowd on it's side early, it's possible. But having said that even if we do turn up and play one of the games of our season it's going to be tight, we won't blow them away, and we all know what happens when it gets tight late in games.

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