2nds Port Adelaide vs Norwood - Round 14 @ Alberton

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Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 1, 2014
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
You want people to move with the times, I'd prefer Port return to being ruthless on and off the field and hopefully have some real success - yes there is a shitload to be upset about with the club at the moment and maybe (just maybe) they have forgotten some of their core values just to be nice and make people feel warm and fuzzy.
The club will never be the ruthless Port Adelaide while Koch is the president, he has the typical non personality of many in the bean counting profession, kern's arms folded, pursed lipped, coke swilling card board cut out in the coaching box has the Koch stamp all over it.


All Australian
Jan 24, 2019
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
So much this. It annoys the absolute fu*k out of me.

Bees to a honey pot
Richmond brang this in. Works incredibly well but you need to have extremely quick anticipation and reaction to read the next handball/kick thats coming. Our players do the correct action but do not quite have the anticipation and urgency this year. Last year we did it very well, hence was our ability to lock the ball in our forward half.

This year we are a shell of our former selves and cannot lock the ball in at all. It waltzes out of our defence and we get destroyed out the back for opposition to kick easy goals in crucial moments where port are dominating play. This is evident in multiple games this year (3rd quarter against the dees) where we start to get on top around the ball and in general play but cannot convert it on scoreboard. Teams then literally walk the ball out of our forward 50 stoppage and in one swift chain of play, score an easy one down the other end.
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