Preview Port Adelaide vs Western Bulldogs Rd 9 2021

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Apr 8, 2005
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Port Adelaide
This isn't meant as disrespectful to the Bulldogs by any means but is there a team in the league that is less of a rival of ours than them? Never met in a final, never met in many or any games of much consequence, not many close games or memorable encounters, not many players or coaches mixed between the clubs. The only other club in this category might be the Dees.
The most memorable game was 1997. Bulldogs up 8 goals to 1 in the first quarter. We make a comeback win including an unlikely 3 goal cameo from Nigel Fiegert.

Windy Cindy

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May 16, 2019
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Port Adelaide
Whinge away...

Like i said we rarely give away frees which accounts for the positive differential.

We are tops for clearance and contested possession differential as well which means we are generally first to the ball = more opportunities for holding and head high frees and less giving them away.

We are first for least amount of inside 50s against = less opportunities for holding and arm chopping.

We are 2nd for least tackles against = less holding the ball opportunities.

Its simple maths really...😉

I'll see myself out now...not the place for a free kick discussion.

Genuine when i wish you all the best. Love the way your club goes about it (especially sticking it up the should be allowed to wear it every week imho)👌
Best divers in the business.

best throwers in the business

when under pressure just flop forward and get protected, it’s almost borderline cheating

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