2nds Port Adelaide vs WWT Eagles - Round 5 @ Alberton

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Feb 20, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
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Chicago Bulls
Win the game by 10 goals, lose the free kick count. Classic

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Grave Danger

Brownlow Medallist
Jun 6, 2000
West Perth
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Port Adelaide
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Woomera Centrals, Jazza
SANFL free kick counter

1. Port 18. Oppo 31
2. Port 20. Oppo 28
3. Port 16. Oppo 25
4. Port 29. Oppo 30
5. Port 19. Oppo 23

Total. Port 102. Oppo 137

Odds of losing the free count 5 weeks in a row by pure chance....

1 in 32

Where do you find those numbers - I thought this was the SNAFU's most closely guarded secret?

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Brownlow Medallist
Mar 3, 2014
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Port Adelaide
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dallas cowboys ferrari f1
Really disappointed for Rockliff, hopefully it’s not a career ender.

Farrell. Finally, his best game by a mile, intensity, pace. Didn’t just float around getting a few easy kicks and relying on his decent boot...

Ladhams has hopefully turned the corner and found some form too, 23 touches, 10 marks.

Schofield continues to impress.

Ben edwards... looks a decent player.. reliable shot at goal.

Impressive win...

Holden Hillbilly

Brownlow Medallist
Oct 8, 2004
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
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Liverpool, St. Pauls Old Scholars

Port Adelaide 4.2 11.6 13.9 16.11 (107)

Eagles 3.1 4.1 5.2 7.5 (47)

Port Adelaide

Farrell, Rockliff, Ladhams, Sutcliffe, Williams, Bonner.

Goals: Edwards 4, Williams, Sutcliffe 3, Samblich 2, Weidemann, Wong, Ladhams, Bonner.


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