Opinion Port Adelaide's biggest rival aside from the Crows

Port Adelaide's biggest rival aside from the Crows?

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May 23, 2012
Alberton Oval
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Port Adelaide
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Interesting to see which club Port Adelaide fans view as their biggest rival aside from the Crows.
I don't know about biggest rival after the crows, but this thread talks about other clubs.


Flick pass expert
Nov 16, 2004
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Port Adelaide
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The Mighty Blacks
The jumper bullshit means Collingwood are probably our biggest OFF field rivals, not that far behind the crows.

On field, Brisbane would have been during our first 8 years in the comp and their first 8 years as the merged Brisbane Lions. They were 2 clubs who merged into 1, we were 1 club split into 2.

Between Rd 5 1997 and Rd 2 2005 we played 18 times for a 8-2-8 record. The first 3 games were Port win by 2 pts at Footy park, then draw and then another draw both at the Gabba.

All up Port won 5 games by 6 pts or less and Brisbane one by 10 pts and the two draws. The rest were 4 goal plus margins. We played 3 finals, a QF and PF at the Gabba that were close to 3/4 time, then Brisbane pounced and then the 2004 GF where we reversed that. We struggled to win at the Gabba with a 2-2-6 record but we won at Footy Park 5-0-2 ( winning 4 and losing 1 of those close games there) and of course 1-0 at the MCG.

There were some absolute classic games of footy in that run. We should have split the flags 2 v 2 not 1 v 3 over the 2001-04 years, but f’ed up a couple of QFs.

Outside the crows, we have never had a period of rivalry like the one above with Brisbane with any other club. There has been the odd short comings and goings rivalry.

If rivalry is hatred, then its Geelong. I hate the fact we have such a piss poor record of 5-20 against them since we beat them at Footy Park in the 2004 QF to break the streak of 3 consecutive losing QFs. Plus that one day in September we lost.

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Premiership Player
Oct 7, 2005
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Port Adelaide
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Are there other teams?
If you had to experience the sh*t I got all the way to the train station after the 2003 Prelim final, there would not even be a poll.

2014 we played them again in an Elimination final at the MCG. Before the game, Eddie came out saying it was unfair they had to play on the Saturday night and then travel to Perth and play Freeo 6 days later. As we pulled away in the last quarter, their fans started to leave. More than a decade of pent up anger came out of my mouth towards their exiting fans. I don’t remember what I said but when I sat down the neutral supporter behind me said, “Wow! That is the best send off I’ve ever heard.”

I hate Collingwood.


Brownlow Medallist
Mar 26, 2007
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Port Adelaide
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CWS, OakR, SAS, Ducks
The Crows are the mortal enemy. The encapsulation of an entire competitions fan base and their jealousy and hatred of us, the true 'hate or love Port' attitude, and the old 'I go for whoever plays Port' mentality are 100% encapsulated by the Crows.

I attended all the 80s and 90s GFs with bus loads of adults watching Sturt, Norwood, Eagles and North fans all barracking for Glenelg or Centrals to beat us, like their lives depended upon it. It was that hatred of us that was born from jealousy of the fact we'd competed in half the GFs the SANFL had ever held, and won a half of them.

That us Vs them, is encapsulated by the Crows.

Any small time petty little rivalries we had, with far lesser clubs like Norwood are now totally irrelevant and exceeded by so far it isn't funny.

Had Norwood moved into the AFL the story would be different, it would be a solid rivalry. However the Crows rivalry and grouping everyone that hated us, all together to go against us, has created a massive rivalry of that there can be no doubt.

In the AFL we clearly have a semi rivalry with Collingwood based on our colours. Brisbane we have a semi rivalry with based on early days success and GF. We have a little thing with Geelong, but honestly they've wacked us so easily for such a long time that's never hit many heights, despite the fact we've played more finals against them than anyone.

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