Autopsy Port defeat Freo. - Rd 23 2019

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Apr 16, 2014
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Not really sure what that game tells us if anything to be honest.

- Looked turned on for the first qtr and then just went to absolute shit.
- One of the worst displays of skills all year.
- Lovely goal by Dixon at the end there.
- Port's inaccuracy saved us from a very very embarrassing end to the season. That could easily have been as bad as last year's Geelong match.
- Langdon looked sharp in the beginning kicking some goals but geez any chance you can look where you're kicking? Burnt the ball hard today but apparently some think he was best on ground.
- Our midfield won the clearances like most games... get the ball to our outside midfielders... you know the rest. Ed Langdon is a major part of the problem. Can't hit the broad side of a barn.
- Our skills on the outside are absolutely trash.
- No team will be competitive with 8 players out their best 22. AP, Ryan, Wilson, SHill, Darcy, Lobb, Hogan, Taberner.
- Still think Switta would be a great winger.

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Aug 26, 2006
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east freo
To be honest that game was the most irrelevant, least interesting game in our clubs 25 years
I still sat through, don’t know why


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 15, 2007
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I think the first quarter showed typical impact of the 'bounce' as they call it - players playing with freedom etc. The rest of the game showed what happens when the 'dead cat bounce' is being done with most of your better players out. Just too much for too few to do.

- Brayshaw and Cerra had some nice moments, pretty good in parts, but still a pre-season or so short of being at their best.
- Dixon obviously showed we've got something to work with. Desperately needs to stay healthy this off-season.
- Switta kicked a nice snap goal, more of that please, rest of his game was meh.
- Logue and Hamling, our only first choice back 6 left by season's end worked hard and both had good moments among horrible ones. They were seriously outgunned and let down by what was happening up the field and around them, but they put in.
- Port were wasteful and pretty sloppy themselves for large parts, that saved us from complete and utter humiliation that we probably deserved.

- Nyhuis showed why he's not been in the team. He's nothing special and all those calling for his inclusion as if its some great travesty could see why. He's OK, but limited. He and Duman who he is often compared to did a lot wrong. Duman at least get's ball in hand, but still, both were ordinary.

- Blakely, got his turn in the middle, went from OK early to shithouse as the game went on. He was caught out defensively so much and couldn't get his hands on it otherwise. In a desperate move it looked like he was moved fwd later in the game. At least we can't say Hale didn't try to get him in the game.

- McCarthy. I'll give my full thoughts elsewhere on him, short version. He contributes little if the game isn't coming to him.

- Langdon, Hill and most of the other midfielders were so bloody flat footed, poorly positioned and stupid in how they over commited to Port ball carriers that they then barely impacted. Been the story of recent weeks actually, just much worse this week.

- plenty of others, but I'll leave it at that.

- Jones. He didn't quite look AFL level, but I like him. He does some good things and he competes. But he's so short of AFL fit and lack of mobility just exposes his weaker moments even more. Poor guy was up against in in the circumstances, thought he wasn't as bad as many made out. Once again could see his footy brain at work, he knows what to do.
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Sep 28, 2003
Soest, NL
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Jones, Jones, Jones. Really solves our ruck depth concerns for mine. Contributed, tackled and also did ok in his actual role. Pls keep Freo.
If his body were as quick as his mind... he knows where to go, just doesn't get there fast enough. Still, nice to see someone with a footy brain. Solid back up for Darcy.

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