Mega Thread Port Forum 'General AFL Talk' Thread Part 12

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Rexie J

Premiership Player
Apr 22, 2012
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Gill McLachlan is insane if he believes he will
leave this game in better condition than he found it. A bloody mess everywhere.

Hopefully he takes hocking with him when he goes.

Great Trifecta: Dillon, Hocking, Christenson.

Probably should include the unseen coach of the umpires on 'how to be the centre of attention in all matches".


Hall of Famer
May 6, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Any umpire that thinks like that should be out of a job.

Bad luck for Razor “I love impacting games and people actually come to watch me umpire” Ray
You only have to hear that deluded twat in his various media spots to know the whole umpiring fraternity is a runaway train full of cork smokers with inflated importance levels.


Premiership Player
Feb 29, 2012
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Lol at singling her out, did you not watch the Port v Richmond game or the Brisbane v North games?

The umpires as a whole have been utterly revolting.
Look they have all been s**t this year thanks to the AFL umpire coaching directions but she's really clearly lacking confidence this season.

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