Mega Thread Port Forum 'General AFL Talk' Thread Part 18

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Holden Hillbilly

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Oct 8, 2004
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Much alike Port Adelaide Football Club (est. 1997), the Adelaide Crows have launched their own heritage campaign in an attempt to also hold on to some former glory, “Bring Back The Jars”.

After the initial Adelaide Crows Showdown gurensey campaign failed, this new campaign is pushing for the AFL to allow South Australian Football Hall of Famer and former Crow Andrew Jarman back into the playing side during Showdowns, but also whenever they feel like it.

Adelaide Football Club manager of Heritage Campaigns & Knitted Seat Covers, Karen DeKrowes stated ‘This is an important part of our decades long history, and we’re sick and tired of the AFL telling us we can’t get Jars out there on the field with us in the 2021 season’.



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Nov 16, 2004
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When Jones played his 300th game was going to put up he had the worst win % of anyone who has played 300+ games and was about 8th worst of the 200+ gamers and 4 were Melbourne players.

Swamp confirms he is a clear leader of the 300 gamers. This is the worst win % of 200 gamers

Rank Player P W D L % Teams
Ted Pool..... 200 42 1 157 21.25 HW

and this one confirming its taken a long time for him to say his team is 1st on the ladder.


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Apr 27, 2008
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Chael Sonnen: Moral Champion
Do these people really think 'yes, this will get through to the club and filter through, this will be just the sign the boys have been waiting for, I can do this'

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Steve Dore

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Aug 30, 2004
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Imagine the most corrupt politician in the state's history being your CEO and you still think you're the good guys.
That's a bit unfair on Johnny Olsen. He probably isn't the most corrupt it's just that he got caught.

Full Credit

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Nov 17, 2012
Liartown, USA
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fu** Queensland is weird, only inbreds find that funny
QLD is definitely weird but I think its a reference to an instagram account by the same name which is actually pretty amusing and no I'm not inbred as far as I can tell..

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