Mega Thread Port Forum 'General AFL Talk' Thread Part 18

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Papa G

Brownlow Medallist
Apr 13, 2006
The Bitter End
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Port Adelaide
Lol. Cis and Cishet is just a made up ******* word by
I don't mind Richardson's stuff. And good on him for trying to make a buck as a senior journo for an online daily journal that proudly boasts that it is at the forefront of independent journalism in SA.

Bravo to that! In a city and state dominated by NewsCorp and eastern media interests, including in the ABC, we need a strong and independent source of news coverage that is prepared to look outside of the press releases from political spin doctors.

What I don't get though is why Richardson wastes his talent in a producing a daily column focussed solely on the Adelaide Crows, a topic that receives more than enough 'fanboi' coverage in every broadcast medium in SA- print media, radio, TV etc.? Heck even the local ABC Radio station 891 Adelaide refers to the Crows as 'our team'.

At least they've started using Michelangelo Rucci as a writer so we get a bit of critical balance and insight.
It's a weekly column, it's reasonably humourous, doesn't take itself too seriously, footy content sells, it probably brings readers to InDaily that wouldn't otherwise know it exists, it is aimed as slightly more highbrow than Newscorp but not quite the Left wing sh*te of the Guardian/Age. Richardson writes other stuff too.

Steve Dore

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Aug 30, 2004
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I’ll make tears from your Wines.
Apr 9, 2009
Port Adelaide Zone
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Port Adelaide
Does that mean you can just make up words on the spot and they're legit?
Wrong thread for this discussion, but absolutely. The aim of language is to communicate, as long as people you are trying to communicate to understand what you are saying then yes....that's how it works.

BTW: Cis is simply the opposite of Trans as a Latin prefix. So totally and utterly valid when one part of the discussion uses the term trans.
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