Game Day Port v Freo

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Club Legend
Apr 7, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Struggling to get exited for this one, probably because of how late the game starts.

Good work by the AFL to ensure all games got played though.

Port by 34. With Dixon and Marshall to kick 3. 20k crowd, as no one from WA will travel and the school/work factor.

what are the conditions like in Adelaide?


Club Legend
Jul 6, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
what are the conditions like in Adelaide?
Was beautiful yesterday. Looks the same today looking out the window right now.

Also not particularly excited about this one. My two predictions are

Port to get a few goals ahead by quarter time and just coast through at about that margin for a pretty uninspiring game.

A bunch of dickheads to break quarantine to attend.

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Premiership Player
Sep 29, 2012
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Nothing wrong with the way Freo looked last week.

At Adelaide oval losing this game would derail or top 4 chances completely. Simply can not happen.

Port 30 plus.

We win the first quarter.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 10, 2014
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Other Teams
Man Utd, Celtic, Tanunda
Bookends Logue and Taverner out, so you would think an average performance should get the chockies tonight.

We were less than average for most of last week though. :huh: :thumbsdown:

Hopefully we give it 100% and treat it like a grand final. We have the bye next week, so no reason to go half hearted.

Port by 20 points in a grinding game.

12g 17b to 9g 15b.
Dixon and Motlop each 4 goals.
Wines, Jones and Alliir best.
No reports.
Gray - corkie. McKenzie - dislocated finger. Marshall - bruised ribs.
Highlight: Choppy to kick ceremonial first goal (then don a guernsey and steamroll Fyffe, Mundy and Brayshaw in the first 10 minutes).


Team Captain
May 8, 2021
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Really interesting game for mine as Fremantle are a side on the up and will play finals in the coming years.
For Port the objectives are simple to show some form of improvement in comparison to the year to date.
MUST WIN, that's a non negotiable.
FIRST QUARTER, have to begin well so address the worrying trend of getting jumped. I'll be playing close attention to what players start in the centre square and how we structure up. At the very least I'd expect a strong focus on contensted possession and tackling. Let's get a 'foot hold' in the game.
FORWARD 50 ENTRIES, I want to see the forwards work for each other in unison to create space and isolate contests. To support forward 50 entries I want to see some composure from our midfield in lowering their eyes to hit a target and or kick to a 1:1 contest.
KICK INS AFTER AN OPPOSITION POINT: I want to see the ball in the hands of elite kicks in Houston or Burton. Let's try and retain possession and not kick out consistently to a contest on the half forward flank.
FYFE, he's a champion and match winner, we need to lock down on him. He has lots of shots on goal and will tear a game apart with improved accuracy, it can't be today.

Let's go Port's 👍


Bruce Light fan club
Jun 7, 2015
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Saw on TV somewhere that Freo are coming in saying they beat Adelaide here earlier in the year and are confident to be able to win here again.
That is enough to fire me up for it.

Like others have said, I want to see a vast improvement though, particularly with our forward line structures.
I want some evidence that we actually know what we are doing up forward.


Senior List
Oct 24, 2013
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
Really hoping I see Rozee starting at the first centre bounce and not moving into the graveyard that is our forward line soon after.

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