Game Day Port vs Bulldogs - prelim

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Club Legend
Nov 2, 2012
AFL Club
Port Adelaide
I cant sleep either but you know what fu** this. We deserve this. We deserve the cup.

AFL want the fairytale storyline of repeat dogs circa 2016. What struggles have they been through since their last cup? Wow losing 4th spot due to brisbane in round23 what a comeback!

AFL want the fairytale of Melbourne winning a premiership for the first time in a whike after bottoming out (tanking and ******* up their top picks). Daniher unwell Stynes passing Jones being there through thick and thing (respectfully for this part) ok fair.

fu** THEM

We've also been through sh*t and no one is talking up our fairytale:

-119 in 2007
-Getting f’ed by the SANFL
- Getting f’ed by the AFL and Eddie McGuire for the prison bars

-John Butcher being the laughing stock of the comp
- 2010-2012 Primus era
-Being the first team to lose to GWS and Gold Coast
- Ebo retiring due to concussions
- Schulz retiring from a cooked back from cannonballing into every contest
-Laughing stock of the league when we had tarps up
-One of our past coaches Phil Walsh passing
- Just this week celebrating the death anniversary of J-Mac

Going from being the bottom of the barrell laughing stock of the comp to the quiet achiever. I feel it inside something big is brewing, Ken said it himself when he said judge us on finals. He never meant just one final he means going all the way. I know every single person on our forum and those supporters around the country can feel it brewing inside of them and this game will just be one to get us to the grandest stage of them all.

LETS ******* GO PEAR
Not open for further replies.

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