Review Positives and Negatives in the WIN over Sydney - Round 5, 2020

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 9, 2009
No idea
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West Coast
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Good conditions today, so not getting carried away yet, next week will be a different challenge even against a seemingly weaker team in Brissie.


Brownlow Medallist
Dec 25, 2004
AFL Club
West Coast
+ Waterman's quarter-time goal
+ Allen's stretching, sticky hands, mark inside 50
+ Barrass's high leaping mark
+ Duggan and Cole stepped up in defence
+ Midfield group of Naitanui, Yeo and Gaff crushed it. You could maybe even throw Sheed into that.

Neutral observation: Kelly was quite outside today but didn't kick amazingly well. No harm though, it was always going to take a bit to click.

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Official Oranges Man
Aug 6, 2017
South Of Dreamsville
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West Coast
Positives = About bloody time!!?
Good to see the lesser players in Jake, Oscar, Jones, even AhChee shining.
What made the difference-coaching, role changes, new players, new-found intent and pressure?
Where was all that before...and why?
Could get on a roll from here..
I liked the commentator saying it could be a WCE GF at Optus!!!!!!???
LOL..might be worth putting a long range bet on it?

Negatives - Darling, yeh kicked 2 goals or something, but he's just so wooden, robocop..maybe that's his role to free up JK, when they're not going up together-that's sooooo annoying. How many times they spoil each others grabs. I wonder about his IQ?
The hammies...but others come in...Cameron anyone?
The Swans were undermanned today, a couple of key players out...

Mullets and porno mo's...not sure if they're a positive or a negative?

Interesting with Shuey gone and Yeo picks up, gets off the leash more-did he get a rocket or is it how Simmo plays him..would like to see Yeo placed somewhere he can play like that all the time? (unless it's between the ears?)
Perhaps with WCE being such a frustrating enigma, we could adopt an INXS tune like Port,
I suggest "Mystify...mystify me???"
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All Australian
Oct 7, 2011
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West Coast
Only 3 guys didn't get a tackle today, Shepard, Kennedy and Duggan. That's a much better effort (and there are going to be guys each game who don't get tackles, but to have only 3 and it to be those 3 is great).

Disappointed about the hammies, Shuey looks less concern than JJ (when you pull yourself from the game at a break it is hopefully minor).

JJ was looking good, I guess Petch takes that spot unless Cameron is ready.

Waterman quickly becoming a favourite. The energy and mateship he brings is amazing (he celebrated Cripps' goal harder than his own, which is an indication of the guy he is). He shouldn't go out for a while (if at all) and is showing some teams that maybe he was worth a bid in his draft year!

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Brownlow Medallist
Jun 18, 2016
AFL Club
West Coast
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Perth Scorchers
Nic Nat - did he have an opponent today? For some reason the commentators named his shadow 'Aliir Aliir'. Bit disrespectful I thought.
The real Big O. Not these fake Brisbane wannabes.
Jermaine Jones - has a crack and his pace will be an asset when we figure out how to use it
Muddy Jr - clearly displayed more effort on the field than in the barber's chair
Second half effort - great to see the boys come out after half time for once

Hamstrings - who needs them?
Skills - still rusty as fu**. Would like to see this tidied up.


Club Legend
Oct 20, 2017
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West Coast
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Why has Brander been in the team ahead of Waterman until now?

Made no ******* sense and Waterman showed why. That massive goal on quarter time, and the epic chase, run down tackle, and shove into the ground for good measure. Three ******* votes right there.

Allen will be a star.
Why the fck was Waterman out for Darling, Brander done way more than Darling so far this year.


Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 7, 2000
Victoria home of football
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West Coast
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+ Allen is ready to take over from JK.
+ Waterman needs to be that 3rd tall. Very effective today
+ Duggan was great
+ Midfield looked more cohesive. Almost like Shuey injury forced a reshuffle of roles that suited everyone more
+ NN more minutes. He was used perfectly today.
+ Nobody went to ground unnecessarily

- Shuey injury.
- JJ's injury
- Hurn, while not a bad game as such, was ineffective. Missing that intercept ability, the creativity by foot, that composure we've gotten used to.

Great to get a win. With Adelaide and Freo, followed by 2 home games in WA, we really should build some momentum.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 16, 2004
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
West Perth, West Ham
I completely agree, team always looks better with JW in the side. But the bigger question is once they picked Brander, why were they playing him on a wing?

If he has the tank and mobility to play wing as they believe, he couldve been playing the Waterman role of today in the past 3 rounds.

That's on the coaches not Brander
The same excuse for every player on our list who hasn't made the grade in the last ten years. "Played out of position" It's a simple game, get footy, dispose of it efficiently, no excuses.


Brownlow Medallist
May 2, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
Sydney are way understrenrgth and their poor kicking kept us alive early
Dwayne -give me a break
Sydney radio has us in as defending Premiers

We gained some momentum and confidence (thats what was missing)
Kid, Kid, Kids
Signs of the old eagles tough across the board

PS - keen to see Brander continue to develop in a more confirdent side.


Team Captain
Jun 7, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast
+ Yeo back to being the brutal man we know and love.
+ Oscar Allen is gonna be AA sooner rather than later and Waterman is a gun.
+ Cripps finally kicked a couple! He's been so crap lately it's easy to forget he's been a damn fine small forward the last few years. It'd be great if hits form again.
Cheers boys!

- Hamstrings. Hopefully Shuey's is just a twinge. He hasn't looked right the last few weeks and a rest might do him good anyway.


Aug 11, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
It looked like we changed the defense to press high in half way in the first and it greatly helped lock the ball in and get repeat entries. It was amazing how the switch flicked once the boys got confidence.
Very easy when you have a lead, but when was the last time we saw Gov take a mark on the wing or beyond? Happened today, Duggan chopped one off too, I believe Barrass did.

Defenders pressing as high as the wing just kills a team scrambling panicked kicks out of D50. We pick them off and go straight back inside. Makes such a difference when Gov isn’t sitting as far back as the back of the square.

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