Review Positives and Negatives - Raining Premiers vs Adelaide

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Aug 11, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
UP THE ******* WET WEATHER COASTERS. Proud as hell, what an effort. Words can’t express it but let’s try.

+ What a ******* comeback. Hung tough (yet again), kept our heads (yet again).
+ Yeo immense
+ Shuey, Gaff, Redden gave us no choice but to win in the second half
+ 10 goals to three after half time. Simpson addressed the issues, moved the magnets, Plan B’d his way to victory.
+ Kennedy is so clutch
+ Frustrating as always but three goals, including the sealer, and some big grabs late. Well done Jack.
+ 7-3 and not even close to our best yet. Played some seriously good clubs. What a win.

- That second quarter is inexcusable and should have cost us the game. Needs addressing
- All you ******* melts that went the tears and toys out of the cot because we weren’t dominating a good team away from home. Show some ticker. Hang tough. The boys have done this a few times, and have given us every reason to have faith they’ll respond.

Love this club. fu** every other team in footy.

Outside of Optus and the MCG, there’s nowhere I’d rather play than Adelaide Oval.


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Mar 21, 2017
The absolute middle of nowhere
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Arsenal, Scorchers, Glory, Wildcats
- Elliot F***ing Yeo
- Mids rose to the challenge and won
- Darling is back, baby
- Vardy rucked well
- Josh ‘Clutch’ Kennedy
- Played dirty, and won
- 101 tackles. Enough said.
- 4 wins on the trot
- Paps made an Avengers reference
- Peril looked f***ing glorious under lights
- Schoey made Tex look like an absolute nonce
- Have I mentioned how much I love grumpy Yeo?

- That second quarter
- Didn’t get to wear our Indigenous wings

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Brave Sir Robin

Premium Gold
Jun 27, 2008
South Korea
AFL Club
West Coast
It’s not actually that hard to do so not a major positive, but Schofield very quietly pulled down Tex’s pants tonight.

Surely the most overrated forward in football? Clearly monstered as a junior because he was bigger than everyone else, but has he actually ever learned to play the game?
His Brian Tayloresque protest to the ref after costing Milera a goal was fantastic. 10/10.


Aug 20, 2007
AFL Club
West Coast
That second half was one of the most complete midfield performances I've ever seen, shades of 05-06...
+ Redden into the middle for Hutchings changed the complexion of the midfield
+ Gaff was everywhere in the third
+ Sheed's hands & clearance work - definitely had more than 5 tackles
+ Yeo's gone to another level these past few weeks
+ Shuey built into it and finished the Crows off in the crunch

Everyone else lifted in the second but that type of midfield performance will carry us deep this year - what a game!


150 game legend.
Sep 1, 2014
Perth SOR
AFL Club
West Coast
The second half WOW!!!
Yeo's dominant first half and his defensive pressure throughout the game ( 28 touches, 17 contested possessions, 9 clearances and 15 tackles)
Boots and Gaff turning it on when we needed them to
Jack Darling responding after last week. 16 touches, 3 goals, 4 tackles and 5 marsk. Loved his repeat efforts.
Jack Redden also responded well after shitty couple of weeks. I predicted him to have a good one. 27 touches, 4 marks, 12 contested possessions and 15 tackles.
Dom Sheed had his best overall game with 5 tackles, 31 touches, 22 contested, 11 Clearances, 6 inside 50's and a goal.

Second quarter
Cole at times
Defence in the second quarter.

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