Review Positives and negatives: Season 2019


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Jan 5, 2013
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The biggest positives and negatives from the 2019 season

- Boak’s return to form
- The 3 draftees in Rozee, Duursma, Butters
- The bow and arrow
- The recruitment of Lycett and Burton
- Amon’s development
- Attacking Gawn round 1 and kicking low against west coast
- The defence: particularly the development of Clurey, DBJ and Houston. All were outstanding this year
- Peter Ladhams debut and consistent season
- Drew’s development, didn’t expect him to play a game this season. So good job lad
- Sam Hayes return from ACL, promising signs in the SANFL

- The selection of A.Johnson in the first showdown, had no right to be selected, did nothing in the game and was not seen from for the rest of the year. Ridiculous
- leaders of our club in Westhoff, Ryder, R.Gray, Wines and Jonas all having poor/inconsistent seasons
- the loss against GWS, should had won it
- Watts injury in round 2
- The bizarre selection of Sutcliffe for 5 AFL games
- Going with the Ladhams/Ryder combo instead of the Lycett/Ladhams combo
- North Melbourne loss, inexcusable
- the targeting of Neale in the Brisbane game
- The initial reception to the bow and arrow
- Playing Dougal up forward, dropping him and not returning him to the backline when Dixon returned
- Hinkley
- Not making finals again
- Motlop being a Motlop, ken putting up with this poor performances week after week
- Wines start of season injury.
- getting beaten by a bunch of Richmond kids in round 4 with most of their stars injured.
- Billy Frampton not getting enough games

What are your positives and negatives for this season?
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Jun 19, 2005
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Port Adelaide
Unfortunately the negatives pretty much cancel out the positives. The draftees were great, but their development as footballers will stall if somehow this coach, Voss, and Bassett survive.
We've seen some raw, exciting talent, but it needs the right guidance. Hinkley hasn't the tools to do this. He's proven this for years.


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Apr 10, 2014
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Port Adelaide
Rozee, Butters, Duursma
Boak back to his brilliant best
Karl Amon
Peter Ladhams
Broke our hoodoos against Geelong, West Coast, Adelaide and Essendon

Unforgivable loss to Richmond in Round 4
Not enough games to Frampton


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Oct 29, 2013
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Port Adelaide
Amon wants to leave doesn't he? Maybe that was his motivation this year to improve and be a desirable prospect.
If he leave, that's f****ed (for us, not him)

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Apr 27, 2008
The 'Yabba
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I'm at the point where form of young players isn't a positive as I am just too damn pessimistic about their long term viability, except KPF like Marshall. On an individual level mature players like Houston and Boak and Gray are more pleasing.

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Mar 1, 2014
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Port Adelaide

Our best football was better than I thought it'd be this year. The wins against West Coast, Geelong and Adelaide were excellent.

Travis Boak. Phenomenal.

The continued improvement of Dan Houston. Gone from a good to a great player.

Rozee, Duursma and glimpses of Butters.


Losing a bunch more close games, particularly at home.

Unsettled team from week to week.

Co captaincy disaster.

Inability to find consistent goal kickers. A first year player winning the goal kicking averaging 1 goal a game is ridiculous.


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Sep 10, 2013
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Port Adelaide
Actually think this year exceeded expectations in some ways. We lost two of our best and most important players in the off season, our most important midfielder spent the best part of the first half of the year injured, we blooded multiple youth players and still almost snuck into finals.

The frustrating part is that we were dogged by the same inconsistencies that have troubled us for the entirety of the Hinkley Era. Wins against West Coast and Geelong were the highlights but disappointing losses to Fremantle, an undermanned Richmond and a spanking at the hands of North were the low lights. Ultimately we finished right where we deserved.

Duursma and Rozee are everything we hoped for and Lycett and Burton make us a much, much better side. If we can have a big pre season and off season there is absolutely no excuses for not making finals next year. I don’t want us to sack Hinkley. Give him next year. Sacking him won’t magically make us a finals bound side I think it would almost sink the ship and send us into full blown rebuild.

My big call for this off season would be moving Westhoff and Ryder on. Both are holding back youth and aren’t providing what they used to.
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Mar 17, 2014
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Port Adelaide
Got games into many developing youngsters, Rozee Duursma Butters Bonner Drew Ladhams Garner Marshall Amon SPP
The good wins away.
Smashing the Showdown
Made a million out of China (reportedly)
Hammers recovery
Charlie recovery
Sam Hayes recovery
Reserves strong
No serious injuries (except Ollie)

Ollie Wines just a waste of a year
Not making finals
Crowds dropping (and fwiw no point not attending costing our club money - crap "supporters")
Beaten at AO too easily - Richmond GWS Crows WB
Dual Captains and real lack of leadership on the park in general
Kicking at goal
NM game
Billy Frampton not breaking into the seniors whilst we were screaming for a good tall all year


Norm Smith Medallist
Mar 21, 2008
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Unfortunately the negatives pretty much cancel out the positives. The draftees were great, but their development as footballers will stall if somehow this coach, Voss, and Bassett survive.
We've seen some raw, exciting talent, but it needs the right guidance. Hinkley hasn't the tools to do this. He's proven this for years.
Exactly. Unless we've got team success or appear to be heading in this direction, "positives" mean fu** all.

Over this period of s**tf***ery we've witnessed break out seasons from guys like Aaron Young, Jasper Pittard, Matthew Lobbe, Jacob Surjan, and for what? They mean nothing unless they lead to team success, and right now we look no closer to it than we did 5 years ago.


Brownlow Medallist
Feb 17, 2005
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Port Adelaide
Negatives: The attitude. From top to bottom.
We are Port Adelaide they say. Really? Which part? The we exist to be like Richmond? The pre game glitz and glamour? The we are a tiny suburban club?
The two captain's B1 and B2?

The but but we are only Inconsistent because we are playing youngsters and you must believe us when we say this and not what you actually see out there.

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