Review Positives and Negatives - UP THE BLOODY COASTERS EDITION - Rd 13

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All Australian
Jul 30, 2013
AFL Club
West Coast
I'm not sure if this deserves it's own thread or should be merged with the SEASON ALIVE. UP THE ****** COASTERS thread. I'll just post this though.

Positives +

+ JK winding back the clock, beat Balta on the lead and acted like an extra midfielder. Masterstroke to rest him against Carltank. EPIC CLUTCH GOAL NEAR THE END.
+ Nic Nat was good in the ruck and played like an extra mid. 20 disposals in 72% TOG, that goal early on was epic and set the tone early on.
+ Yeo starting to find form, back to angry Yeo. Was huge in the middle and gave us a clearance tackling bull that we've sorely been lacking.
+ Bunga returning to AA form, was huge in his intercept marking, rebounding and took that match saving mark. EPIC CLUTCH MARK AT THE VERY END.
+ Barrass was great in the air and shut down Riewoldt as the game went on. Also outmarked Riewoldt on the wing especially in the fourth quarter.
+ H. Edwards was great in defense, helped killed contests and his composure was excellent. Used the footy well.
+ Foley looked composed and showed attacking flair in defense. Shown that he's AFL standard.
+ Duggan back gave us some extra defensive rebound and was solid when in the middle.
+ L.Edwards looking composed and got to the right positions, looking like a gem. Some of his disposals aren't as clean but that will soon be cleaned up with more games.
+ Redden was great in close and worked hard around the ground especially down back when Richmond have momentum.
+ Jones was great with his pressure, tackling and his marking improved.
+ Ryan showed composure, class and polish. Competed well in the air bringing the ball to ground and competed well on ground level too. Beaten a bigger Broad on the one on one contest which he won it at ground level which led to JK's winning goal.
+ Waterman clutched those two much needed goals. I questioned him coming in for Petch but even though he didn't do much, those two match winning goals are enough to put him in my positive category.
+ Cripps tacked well and worked hard. Set shot getting much better now as he's now getting the ones he normally misses.
+ Even with them on contested possessions.
+ Won without Shuey, Kelly and Gov. Add W.Rioli too.
+ Beat them in clearances too.
+ Accuracy allowed us to win.

Meh =

= Sheed and Gaff were alright but they didn't impose themselves tonight.
= Rotham was decent as well but lacked discipline. Should've went for the spoil against CCJ.
= Cole tried his heart out but just didn't seem to have that flair.
= Not sure what Nelson is doing.
= Langdon also tries hard but lacked class and polish.

Negatives -

Darling shut down again by a smaller Vlaustin. Been out of form for the past three weeks. Got out marked by Vlaustin. Should've kicked a bag especially with Astbury out and their other talls focusing on JK, Allen and Ryan.
- Tackling still down. They had more disposals than us but we're still -12 in tackles.
- They killed us on the rebound, once the footy is out of our F50, they sore with ease. It's been happening continuously for the past few weeks.
- They still got repeat entries when they have the momentum.

Final Thoughts.

EXCELLENT WIN and we played with heart and character. Hurn and Yeo set the higher standards for the team and our players increased the intensity. JK back winding the clock and kicking the match winning goal, Hurn back to AA form and took the match saving mark. Really happy for this win and now we should get our gun players back after the bye.
Sheed was massive early, bit harsh on him.


Mar 13, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
Missed the game because the AFL f’ed me over and scheduled the game as the same time as my hockey. Just watched that last 2 minutes video, and Hedwards playing on for that last goal is one of the smartest things I've seen an Eagle do this season.
I've now watched it 5 times (and will watch it 15 more). Chol will not want to watch the review on that one. He leaves Yeo all alone to run off to who knows where?

Dark Sharks

Brownlow Medallist
Feb 21, 2011
Maynard was blocked
AFL Club
West Coast
I think something that gets overlooked in the Waterman debate is the Clutch gene.

You can't buy it and you can't train it. Waterman has it.

You not wrong bruvs.

Waterman has his knockers, I'm not one of them myself but i see how he draws the eyre of fans at times.

But one thing that's consistent is the passion he shows week in week out, and and as you've rightly said, the clutch moments he steps up in time and time again.

I have full faith in him lining up for goal at a crucial point.

Dark Sharks

Brownlow Medallist
Feb 21, 2011
Maynard was blocked
AFL Club
West Coast

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