Positives and Negatives vs 5,480

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Aug 11, 2011
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West Coast
Sorry Bombers, the streak lives. Maybe if you go the biff some more you’ll win a final next decade?

+ Professional. Didn’t have any of the massive fade outs, just absorbed five minutes here or there but then blew them away in bursts.
+ Nic Nat. fu**. Just like...holy sh*t man
+ Kennedy. Elite performance, very well earned.
+ Willie, amazing
+ Cripps, Waterman, Redden. Blue collar solid.
+ TB, Gov, Hurn, Shep. Schofield’s impact can’t be understated.
+ Win, advance, good job boys. 31 scoring shots is a mauling.

- Nic’s potential report?
- Nelson worked his behind off. Some mistakes, sure, but has the desperation and grunt you need. Cruel to lose a finals spot over injury.

Nothing but love tonight. Bring on Collingwood or Geelong. Up the ******* Coasters.

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Brownlow Medallist
Dec 18, 2005
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West Coast
Shuey's best game in a month I think. The difference being his disposal and vision. Too many times the second half of the year he's blazed away unwarranted. Tonight he hit some bullets, gave handball releases when he had to and won the hard ball. His ball use was perfect, he only went for distance when he had no choice. 3 goal assists amongst his centre work

Jetta, untouchable. Those spins and goose steps are next level, his kicking is better than Hurn's now (although Hurn had some bullets too) and that superman spoil when the game is already done leads the way.

Schofield/Barrass/Gov - The mix just works. Hurn also played a much better game, has been worse since injury but is getting it right at the right time. Clever, clever footballer in any one on one contest.

Waterman, not as good as Ollen but will be pretty hard to drop him on that performance. Did everything right, those two set shot misses were pretty hard shots so I won't hold that against him.

Masten was super clean below his knees with some very awkward balls, thought that's him doing his role as it's meant to be done.

Redden is made for finals. That pathetic play for a free kick hopefully never happens again. He's tough as nails, stands up and wins the ball, hits the body hard. Seriously valuable player to have.

Gaff is the best winger in the game. Was some rubbish kicks under pressure but his run, positioning, standing under high balls and ball use in space was perfect. I love it how he's all about the team, he is never going for the individual play.

Cripps is invaluable, we need him to be injury free and consistent because he brings everyone together in that forwardline.

JK's best game for a long time, he's so much better giving handballs off, because it's swings and roundabouts and he gets the reward for it later. He can open up the game if he doesn't try break tackles and have snap shots, he can win us the game.

Darling was huge, maybe not in stats but he's just got that aura, he draws players to him and makes everyone else's life easier. Still sprinting 40m to lay a tackle late in the 4th when the game is already over.

Sheppherd is a ******* star ... so much game time, never gets a rest, covers other people and his kicking is so tidy.

Things that annoyed me;
- Ryan being "injured" after contests where he doesn't win it, I'm not sure if he doesn't know his body well, or if he's just chasing a rest.
- Yeo's ball use, missing simple passes, going for GOTY I don't mind but he didn't even come close and he's better when he just does the team stuff. However his marking was great tonight
- Sheed's tackling pressure when the game was on the line was top notch, best he's done since the Kangaroos game and then it goes missing when we're in front, it's indicative of the team relaxing with a lead and he needs to stop it. Loved his work overall though
- Players going for the GOTY (Ryan, Rioli, Yeo), or attempting to break more tackles when there's a handball release on, or doing one tap on too many when we've built a lead. The lead was built on team work, blocking for players, great handball releases into space and working for each other. This is what made Shuey's game so good today, all he wanted was the best option and he chose it every single time
- Nelson was pretty average with ball in hand, turning it over is one thing but doing it under no pressure is very bad, getting done HTB a few times as well isn't a good look. Duggan is a handy inclusion if he's injured, but Nelson is normally better than that so I don't mind if he keeps his spot.
- Hutchings ball use as well
- INACCURACY .... serious ******* problem, we should have wiped any of their spirit away much earlier and it always comes back to hurt us.
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Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 5, 2010
over here
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,west perthgolden state warriors
+kenndy back kicking a few
Jetta waltzing around the ground
The whole forward line worked so well together
Nic nat and Hickey.

- saad got away from hutchings a bit
A few periods where we let them take over.need to tighten up
Overall an awesome win

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