Autopsy Positives and Negatives vs Collingwood - Rd 5, 2021

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Hypocrite and Reprobate
Aug 11, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
I got no faith that this pussy ass midfield has the grunt.

Cant rely on our defense to hold up this conatant barrage
I've seen about 5 minutes and thats enough
Honestly fold the club, this is pure ******* garbage. Zero composure, pure reactionary trash.

Game over

Our midfield is overwhelmed and stationary
Shambles starting in the coaching box.
Predictable this team is mentally shot
This could get ugly
We are going to get thrashed. Cant say I am surprised. We are devoid of original tactics.
Lol. We are the worst midfield in the comp. Greenwood looking like dangerfield.
What can you even say?

They’re not even worth folding playing like that.
We're just not good.
Looks likes Simmo is serving his SPECIAL AGAINView attachment 1104193
You just wait and see. The boys have learned from St Kilda game. Fired up.

Yeah right. Sane bullshit from the apologists since round 1 in 2018.

But next week will be different
West Coast. Making sh*t teams look good since 2019
Dog sh*t gameplan
Start the offseason thread time? Weak as piss.
We're not very good . I couldn't believe the narrative all week that pies were the team against the odds.

And then when I saw how tall we were.. this mc never learns it's lessons.

We're gonna lose by 6 goals imo.
Going to be a long year by the looks.
We look like a club that's finished. Nothing bright up ahead and cattle not good enough.

We look like a sinking ship right now in need of a urgent rebuild.
The footy department has lost the plot.

Mindless tactics. Mindless selection. Playing group checked out in round 4 apparently.

We look like ammos.


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 5, 2015
AFL Club
West Coast
Glad I didnt watch this one. Saw a popup on the computer that said we were up by 50 points or something at one stage? Turned it on with a minute to go when Cole was on the ground, and saw we won by about 4 kicks.

Never change, West Coast. Never change.

.....oh wait, no. The other thing.

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Carbine Chaos

Ainsworth #33
Apr 1, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Perth Demons, Everton
How much did we learn tonight?

Perth would have beaten this Pies side after two of their best players went down early.

There were positives, like Brander and Witherden, but the soft underbelly remains. I don’t see us as contenders at this stage. Obviously getting players back helps but it isn’t about the names on the page. It’s about intent and desire. We haven’t shown it consistently in two and a half years.
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Brownlow Medallist
May 2, 2009
AFL Club
West Coast
Mids worked a hard
Brander continues
Jackson taging
Cole was sloppy but I think he kept Daicos out of the game (if so well done)
JD lifted big time
Team lifter after quarter time
Barass patchy
Kelly working very hard but fumbles - touch?
Sleep time in the last - if we dont bring 100% we go down
XON and Langdon not really up to it yet
Worked hard for a half or more to beat a poor team


Premiership Player
May 1, 2007
AFL Club
West Coast
A wins a win. Will take it. De Goey and Howe going down helped of course, but you can only beat the opposition in front of you. We bank the 4 points, and keep the shield up while we wait for reinforcements.

One week closer to Shuey and Yeo coming back. They won’t solve all our issues, of course, but you only need to see how much more dynamic our midfield is with Shuey, let alone a fit Yeo.

Oscar Allen. How exciting is he? Just keeps getting better and better. His marking is just elite. Deserved each of his 5 goals, just by how hard he works.

Will watch again with the emotion gone, but for all the doom and gloom from last weeks show- we’ve been in winning positions in all 5 games this year. 3-2, considering the caliber of our outs bodes well for when the cavalry arrives.


Team Captain
Jul 6, 2011
AFL Club
West Coast
+ Witherden. What a gun, mistook him for Darren Glass at some points he was that good.
+ Oscar. Nuff said
+Darling. Took the game by the scruff of the neck when it was needed.
+ Sheed. Nice purple patch
+ Suprised how well the midfield performed after last week. They took 1.5 quarters to get going but were very effective, albeit against a substandard opponent.

- Injuries to DeGoey and Howe. Would've liked to see how WC competed without having a couple of the pies best sidelined.
- XON. Very quiet game considering how much we needed more mid influence after last week.
- Vardy. Champion of 2018 but possibly his last game.
- Cripps. Hopefully he can work into some form and soon.
- Langdon. Not AFL standard - can't kick or handball effectively under pressure - though he goes as hard as he can.
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